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At first glance, this apartment located in the 8eme arrondissement isn’t my type: color! patterns! more color! There is a lot going on in this tiny 475ft² studio visually. But something about all of the bright colors, polished floors, and mirrored surfaces works together so brilliantly and has totally captured my attention. I am in love with the mirrored coffee table, the mirrored dressing table and room divider in the bedroom, and those gorgeous, lush turquoise curtains in front of the open closets. The black and white tile floors are so elegant, and I love the contrast of patterns between the rooms. Everything is so shiny and luxe, even the ceilings in the kitchen are patterned. It feels like a grown up apartment. And if you have $1.4 million, it could be yours. Or mine. It’s all mine.

8 thoughts on “A Luxe Apartment in Paris

  1. Pretty sure I would NEVER lay around on the couch eating junk food if I lived in this incredible apartment :-) Happy new year!

  2. definitely not me. i would never walk into a place and being decorating it like that, . . . but i like it. i think if i was going to decorate it in a luxe fashion it would be on the this end of the spectrum. patterns, deep greens and blues, a little mid-century regency, a little glam. if i look at all the pieces i actually kind of love almost everything. in fact the only thing i don’t love it the slab of a gold medallion above the bed.

    if i had 1.4 million i’d totally buy this for us to time share (and have girl trips to paris together!) and maybe you could contribute with a new piece of art for above the bed ;) xoxo

  3. it’s great to look at, but I think it would be too much for me. especially in such a small space this would overwhelm me. otherwise it’s gorgeous tho :)

  4. Whoa you’re so right about all the different colours and patterns but it is so totally luxe. And $1.4MM for 475 square feet?! Eeeps. I guess it is Paris. Maybe we could just live in a van down by the river Seine

  5. I quite like that apartment and I love seeing how people do titchy places. Is it owned by an American? It’s very Americany designed isn’t it with all that blue/green and gold. Love the bedroom. Would not pay that amount of money for a flat that small though! Crazy. x

    1. The listing actually says the apartment is owned by “a renowned London designer.” Ha! It could be yours, birdie! You’re a London designer! xo

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