Tiny Paris Apartment

I really thought I’d written about this tiny Paris apartment before, given how frequently I pull it up in my bookmarks folder and sigh over it. Located on Rue Lambert in Montmartre, this 19m² (200ft²) studio is only €830 a month. It’s been entirely updated but is still absolutely charming.





The only thing I’d change is that awful desk chair by the window (though I am completely in love with the fact that it has a dedicated writing nook!) and maybe the duvet cover, for something more fluffy and white and neutral. And those walls are begging for some artwork, or maybe a old-school moodboard for writing inspiration. Paris apartments, even when this tiny, almost always have a washing machine. Isn’t that amazing and convenient? I’ve lived in five apartments in my lifetime between my childhood home and our current condo, and not one (NOT ONE!) had a washing machine. None of them were in Montmartre either, come to think of it…

7 thoughts on “Tiny Paris Apartment

  1. A washing machine is a total must, and that wrinkly duvet has to go! What a mess! Totally ruins the lines of that sweet apartment. Although, I agree, hang some art already!

  2. This is super teeny tiny but really cute. It’s also a perfect place to bring my imaginary French boyfriend-to-be over for a glass of wine because, oh look, there’s no where to sit except for the bed

  3. my late start this morning has me feeling a little disoriented, but i am trying to figure out this little tiny place. i mean is it as small as it looks? oh my gosh it’s so teeny tiny. but who needs more when you are living in paris, non?

    i hear you on the laundry. europe is far superior to america for this one single fact alone. what it is with us not having access to the kitchen laundry? it is one of my sore points in life. it just irritates me to no end. give me the washer/dryer combo! stop making me go to the basement and forever be doomed to having other people touch my clothing. xoxo

  4. That’s the smallest flat I’ve ever seen, even smaller than my mum’s I think!
    No washing machine?? really? wow, all flats here have washing machines xx

  5. it’s only 830 a month!!?? did you really just use ‘only’ and 830 a month in one sentence? granted, most other apartments that size & for that rent would look like shit, and there are even smaller places for more, but still… I love Paris, but the rent over there never ceases to amaze me…

  6. i absolutely adore that even the smallest paris apartments have a washer and dryer! the little apartment we rented in le marais was a very similar layout – washer and dryer included! it was wonderful.

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