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Have you heard the quote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”? That came to mind immediately upon seeing this tiny Soho apartment (they’re claiming it’s 350ft², but maybe they’re including the inside of the bathtub as square footage? Ain’t no way). In this apartment you’d barely have room to take your shoes off without it feeling overcrowded. Designer Mischa Lampert has admittedly done a phenomenal job redesigning the space and making it feel larger than it really is. I think it’s all that dreamy white:



I cannot imagine having the bathtub jut right up against the kitchen sink, out in the open, but that’s just me. I would have closed it off and made that nook a big rain shower (the toilet is opposite in a closed off room). The apartment as a whole seems like it belongs somewhere in Europe, don’t you think? Could you live in a place this small? I’d need a writing desk for sure.

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  1. I want to downsize, but this is a bit much, I think. I love the tiny house movement, but the problem I have with all those gorgeous tiny houses is that they usually make the bedrooms lofts. Makes perfect sense, but I just can’t see myself growing old in a loft, ya know. Feels like regression back to college days. And does that kitchen even have an oven?

    I agree, all white does wonders, but I could maybe use an extra 50 sq. m. ;)

    1. I do like the lofted bed situation, though, as long as it’s a true loft height, and not a normal sized room and there’s a bed shoved against the ceiling. I know I’d sit up in a panic in the middle of the night and knock myself unconscious. I’m sure you saw a lot of those types when you were apartment hunting in Paris for your trip! xo

  2. I would not be able to have that tub like that either – I would close it off and make a shower as well. To echo Lauren’s thoughts, it does seem a little college dorm-ish. Then again, I am not a ‘stuff-hoarder’ so I’m pretty sure all my things would actually fit in this space, including the closet

    1. I think the tub is pretty, but not the right call for this specific apartment. A shower room would have been the way to go. Show off a tub like that when there’s no risk you could accidentally spill your dinner into it, you know? xo

  3. i think the galley style makes me feel really claustrophobic. i mean i like it. i love the styling and the little touches, but no, i could never do it in a million years. it’s just too narrow for me, i’d be sitting on that bench and the whole time thinking “i am so close to the sink, i am sitting in my kitchen , wait no it’s my bathroom.” and i’d just be on some sort of constant loop of those kind of thoughts. though in my fantasy world i do have a little cottage behind my house (a real house also being part of that fantasy) and it’s one room, with a loft, and there’s a bed in the middle and a big farm house table and an old desk and maybe a little kitchen and a fireplace – i’d say it’s about 500 sqft, but it’s square and has that loft. And it’s decorated in a shabby chic style if you are wondering. i love the idea of a small cozy space but i think this one here might be small europe even (probably not).

    PS where do the clothes go? PPS we have a radio station like yours too and i always listen to it year round too. xo

    1. Yeah the galley/railroad style apartments are strange to me, too. But if you’re living their alone or with one other person it would work. Maybe. Maybe you’d get really good at that thing chefs do in the kitchen when they’re rushing around and making sure they don’t knock into anyone else on the line, haha. I love your dream cottage. I have one just like it in my own dreams. Big desk in the middle. It actually looks a lot like the cottage Jamie goes to in “Love, Actually” but a lot smaller. xo

  4. even though it is small, it looks so airy and bright. i love the gold bar above the shower – something about the shimmery surface makes even the small things seem a little bigger.

    1. I love that you noticed that detail. The gold bar really does add a lot to the space! It’s so small and simple but it does work. In an apartment this small every single thing has to be thoughtful and not sloppy. xo

  5. I looked at an equally tiny apartment during the Open House New York weekend and though it was smartly designed and super cute I couldn’t help feeling a bit claustrophobic. Although being able to cook and wash the dishes while sitting in bed has it’s advantages ;)

    1. Haha, I still want to hear all about your OHNY trip from this year! That apartment sounds great, but yeah, I can imagine it gets a little claustrophobic. I liken this apartment to the ones in Paris that are this size, and they’re super small because there is SO MUCH to do outside of your apartment, that you’re really on there to sleep and shower. That’s why so many Parisian apartments lack ovens. Why would you want to cook when there are thousands of amazing restaurants right outside your door? Parks to spend time in, cafes, museums, etc. It gets people out and busy and active. I do like that aspect of it :) xo

    1. I give you an A+ for effort! “Pied-a-terre.” And I totally agree with you, as a crash pad in a city like, hmm, Paris (haha, of course!) it is a great spot to sleep at night and ready yourself in the morning for a big day of exploring the city. xo

  6. the frightening thing is, for a NY studio, this is nowhere near as small as they get!

    i could do this in my retirement, when the bf and dog have moved on to the dogpark in the sky.

    but the burlap has to go….

    1. Hahaha the dogpark in the sky. Yeah, something tells me I would never be able to live this way with Fitz…xo

  7. hmmm, I guess I could live like that. I, too, would need a desk tho. having been on the road for so long, I really learned how little you really need. I don’t even remember most of the things I have in storage somewhere, so how important can they really be?? I do miss my books, tho… xoxo

    1. That’s such an interesting thought, Petra. Out of sight, out of mind! The essentials are generally small enough to fit into a place this size. Maybe even smaller. xo

  8. i lived in a studio flat about half that size for 2+ years… i’m not sure i could go back there again… having said that, had my studio looked like that i might have stuck it out even longer… love the bedroom/lounge treatment… the feature wall & furnishings work for me!

    1. Half this size??! Are you secretly an elf? That is so impressive, Sue, I can’t imagine anything smaller. Well, I take that back. It all comes down to how the space is laid out, honestly! xo

    1. The bedroom/lounge is so nifty! They are each individual pieces from BoConcept that are modular and can be rearranged to be a sofa and ottoman set-up (as photographed) or a bed! xo

  9. oh, nice one! shall have to have a gander… yes… my front door opened onto my bedroom/lounge which had room for a fold-out bed, a coffee table (which had to be pushed out the way if you wanted the bed open) & a fold-out cafe table & chairs tucked under the window… my kitchen was the hallway to the bathroom/laundry which tucked in behind the “bedhead” wall (no room for a bath, just a shower that kept getting blocked & the world’s teeny tiniest washing machine… though impressive that they could actually squeeze that in at all)…. there was a titchy wee coat cupboard, but i have no recollection whatsoever of where i actually put my clothes!

    1. AND you STILL had a washing machine?? That is unbelievable! I’m always so impressed when tiny European apartments STILL manage to have a washing machine somewhere. Other than my childhood home and our current condo, I’ve NEVER had an in-unit washing machine, and I’ve lived in about 7 different apartments! They are so rare here it’s ridiculous. You usually have a shared one (coin operated) in the basement, if you’re lucky. xo

    1. That’s my fear, too! I think it’s nice and pretty in theory and in photos like this, but I know I’d mess it up and be overcrowded somehow! xo

  10. two quick things –
    1. i’ve seen something this small at an IKEA store, and been impressed with their storage.
    2. it’s only cute because it’s perfectly clean. if you left some books or newspapers around, whew!
    joy to you!

    1. I’m with you on both points!! I’m always amazed at the apartments in IKEA, the little set ups with a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen/living combo. How do they fit it all so well in such a small space! But then I remember that rarely are apartments ever thoughtfully laid out, at least the ones here are usually houses that have been divvied up so there are awkward spaces and weird room sizes, and nothing flows right. If I started from scratch, I’d lay out the rooms like IKEA does them. So clever! xo

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