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This is what the inside of my head has looked like recently. Also this: the first piece of my novel I’ve ever shared. Consider it an early Christmas present from me to you (please be gentle).

And although he couldn’t recognize it at the time, this would be the moment he’d recall most frequently, as he slithered home with each stolen piece of art: this moment as he stood in his brightly lit office, assuming the sensation he felt inside of him as he watched Antoine coyly and modestly take credit for closing the sale he, Robert, had laid all the groundwork for, was pride, to realize only later had actually been jealousy in its most poisonous form.

26 thoughts on “Moodboard

  1. Oh I do like how you linked slithering and poison together – this paints the perfect picture of Robert already. And I want to be any of the people in the first photo

        1. Ahaha, I didn’t even catch that because I guess my brain had short-circuited from panic. Sharing that one single line gave me such sweats! xo

  2. Flowing…….that’s how I would describe the Christmas present. It flows….gently….meaningfully. And, yes, I can be objective.

  3. Gah. I’ve been gone all day, got to read this loveliness on my phone and had to wait and WAIT before I could come and comment. It’s beautiful and haunting sweetie, and I love how the mood of your words perfectly matches the mood of your photos.

  4. I’m feeling a little bit this way too. Although the sun was out here all day, it felt a little gloomy. The first few images depict how the weather is in my mind. Also – I love the clip. The last couple of words were so strong – describing jealousy as poisonous. Pure gold.

    1. I almost with it were gloomy all the time, as I seem to do so well in that weather. But then I couldn’t appreciate truly moody, gray days if there wasn’t anything to counter it. You know? Maybe I’m just weird ;) Thank you so much for your kind words, Yelle!! As usual xo

    1. Well considering it took me over a year to work up the courage to share even a single sentence, I’d say your odds are not that good ;) I’m kidding, I certainly hope so! Creativity can’t exist in a vacuum so I think it would do be some good to share bits here and there. Thank you for being so receptive xo

    1. Ohh, yes yes yes. (Except Mia was just the worst, but that line was truly something else). Thank you so much, Sue! xo

  5. How exciting, want to read more now please! Slithering is a great word. Love the moodboard too, I am there in the story already! x

    And not an Oxford comma in sight ;)

    1. No lists of three things or more to plop an Oxford comma into, silly! ;) But seriously, thank you so much. You’re always so supportive! xo

    1. Thank you, Erika! I promise in the bigger picture of the story that line makes a whole lot more sense and has more context. But I really appreciate your kind words! xo

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