Happy Weekend


I would apologize about not posting yesterday, but I really couldn’t make it happen. Between work, writing, freelance writing, and French class, I’ve just been pulled in a million different directions this week and I didn’t have the time. It’s a shame, because I was just a few weeks ago from completing another year of posting every day (well, unless you count Black Friday…) but I’m not going to beat myself up. Right? Right.

Thankfully, I’m off from work today, but have about a million different errands to run. Those of you who work full-time outside the home know how impossible it is to get anything done during the week; I’m usually doing six loads of laundry on Sunday and squeezing in a trip to one store on the way home to pick something up. I’m happy for the three day weekend, mostly because Jamal comes home tonight from a week in South Africa (he traveled 60+ hours roundtrip for a 3 hour business meeting. I can’t even.) but also because we’re getting our Christmas tree tomorrow, and it’s supposed to snow again! To the lady on the bus last week who I overheard say, “Actually, it’s supposed to be a really mild winter, we’re not supposed to get any snow!”, to thee I say: NA NA NA NA NAAA. We got about 10 inches between last Sunday and Tuesday, and are expecting another 4 tomorrow. Of course, it’s all melted now except for a few insistent piles, which Fitz seeks out to stick his whole face deep into.

What are you up to this weekend? I have a fun surprise to share with you on Monday. Have a good one kiddos! And thank you for all the kind comments about the quick one-liner I shared from my novel.

18 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. Beautiful picture! Don’t you just love these moments when everything’s wrapped up in fluffy noise muffling snow.
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. I want to live year-round in weather like this, Tanja! It’s just so beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! xo

  2. I’m trying hard not to have snow envy. I’m just hoping that is sweeps south at some point this winter. PLEASE, BEGGING HERE. We’ve been in the middle of SUCH a whirlwind this week with so much extra stuff to do that all I want to do this weekend is sit and eat ham and cheese sandwiches. Not likely.

    1. Haha, a simple request, ham & cheese sandwiches. I hope you got some quiet time! As for the snow, I can’t make any promises, because I’m selfish and want it all for myself. But for you I might share ;) xo

  3. you know i love reading your blog everyday and i am not going to say i didn’t panic slightly to see you didn’t post yesterday – my immediate response was “should i call 911?” and then i thought – good for my twinsypoo, she’s taking a day off! we neeeeed days off sometimes.

    your snow is so pretty! i wish we could get some snow that in these parts. that would be heavenly. but in december i am happy with even traces of snow. so i am going to keep my hope alive but minimal that we may get another little flurry here. hope you have a great weekend! xo

    1. Hahaha, that’s adorable, twinsy. Thank you so much for being concerned! I thought about tweeting something that day along the lines of, “I’m alive, don’t worry!” but I legitimately didn’t have the time, haha. It was one of those days. There should be a Blogger 911 Hotline or something, haha.

      I’m surprised with all the rain you guys get there’s not more snow in the winter. Conditions are perfect! We didn’t get so much as a single flurry last winter, so I think we’re owed some back-snow. In 2009 we got something insane like 40 inches over December and January. It snowed 18 inches on my birthday and no one could leave their houses and I didn’t care because SNOW! xo

    1. Hahaha, someone at work the other day said to me, “Are you sure he’s not a spy??” because seriously. He’s also been to Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Colombia, India (about 10 times!), Mexico, and now South Africa (for the second time!). I think he might just be an international man of mystery! Hope you had an amazing weekend, Gloria! xo

  4. i too was lucky enough to have a weekday off this week (tuesday) in which i took care of many of the things on my to-do list. the last few things to do are time consuming like figuring out how to fix my sewing machine. anyway – i love that you too have a christmas tree! i’m excited to see your decorated! i always look forward to even just the thought of decorating the tree. le sigh. i can’t wait to hear what you’re sharing on monday! i will have to make a mental note to stalk your blog all day. happy weekend!

    1. Ooh, mid-week days off are the best, no one else is ever off and everything feels so much more efficient! Lots of people had the idea to go to the bank on Friday morning, surprise surprise ;) Getting a Christmas tree is my favorite part of the season! It always symbolized such wonderful family time and joy and happiness. We got a good one this year, I think. I’ll have to share photos! Yours turned out beautifully. xo

  5. I am still trying to process the time he traveled for the 3 hour business meeting. I mean…what was the meeting about? I hope something like taking over the world or the discovery of a planet totally inhabited by puppies or something awesome like that.

    1. Haha, yeah I wish I had an entertaining answer for you! Like that he’s a spy or something. I like your suggestions better, a planet inhabited by puppies is faaaar more interesting than a company wanting lease accounting software ;) xo

    1. We were trying (and failing) to get a cab at that intersection, so I had plenty of time to snap some photos :) xo

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