Gift Guide: For Tea Lovers

I know you all need another gift guide like a hole in the head this holiday season, but I couldn’t resist. I have at least two cups of tea every day, including our nightly cup of decaf while we read on the sofa. Usually, my cup at work is an unfancy affair: a regular tea bag and some hot water from the cooler in the kitchen. But on the weekends I break out the loose leaf tins from Mariage Frères, either Paris Breakfast, Montagne D’Or, or Vanille des Îles. I love tea. For the tea lover in all of us, here are nine fabulous gifts:


1. Monogrammed Mug / 2. Mariage Frères Bonbons / 3. Teapot / 4. Diptyque Candle / 5. Artist Tea Bags / 6. Mariage Frères Black Opera Tea / 7. Mary Cassatt Painting / 8. Black Tea Lip Balm / 9. A Brief History of Tea

16 thoughts on “Gift Guide: For Tea Lovers

  1. There’s also The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzō about the history of Chinese and Japanese tea, and the Japanese tea ceremony. It was one of my readings for my Japanese Studies module in university.

    I favour the Japanese powdered green tea because there’s no tea leaves or tea bag to throw away after that.

    1. Ooh, that sounds beautiful! I’ve always been fascinated by the Japanese tea rituals. So many steps! So many traditions and rules! It adds a new level to the otherwise simple process of drinking tea, once you realize how ancient and revered it is. I never got into green tea, despite my many attempts at liking it, unfortunately. xo

  2. i also love tea but i usually drink coffee or water, or diet coke (diet coke is my late-in-life vice i can’t help it, i’ve tried to quit reminding myself how i hated soda my whole life and it’s terrible for you and coke takes water from areas where people don’t have enough clean water, but nothing works.).

    i do love the ritual of tea and i definitely go through my tea phases, in fact i think this might propel me into one. it’s soooo cold here and tea is sounding really lovely. have a good weekend my twinsy. xoxo

    1. Aside from tea, I only ever drink water. I have ginger ale occasionally, and only ever with gin ;) I chug two big Nalgene bottles full of water a day, which means that I’m well hydrated and peeing constantly, haha. I thankfully never developed a soda habit, part of it is the caffeine (if I have that much caffeine at any point in the day I’m awake until 3am without fail) but it is really super bad for you, too! I won’t judge, though, I promise twinsy! xo

  3. hmmm. a brief history of tea sounds intriguing. I love me a good cup of tea. about ten times a day. so maybe I should read this :)

    1. Haha I guess it’s my English roots but I can literally always go for a cup of tea. I’d drink a lot more of it a day if I had the luxury of using loose leaf teas at work. xo

    1. Who ISN’T a big tea fan, honestly?? I’ve never met someone who objected to a nice cuppa :) xo

  4. OMG This whole guide is me to a tee. Do you see what I did there??? Funny huh? ;) But seriously, love this whole roundup…I really need a cute new mug!

  5. Playing catch up after being on the disabled list late last week.

    Sadly, my winter tea ritual is a Celestial Seasonings bag dropped in my Tervis Tumbler so I can take it with me in the carpool line. Repeat.

    The book sounds great. Adding to my Christmas list!

    1. I usually drop a tea bag into a thermos and head out the door too, on mornings when I have an early meeting. It makes the commute better :) I love the weekends though when I can lazily use loose leaf teas and sit on the sofa. Who wouldn’t, right? xo

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