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Today is one of those days (I think it’s the overcast weather) where I’d love nothing more than to stay home, curl up with a blanket and a good book, and lose track of the time. If it were in a room like this it would be even better, but I’m not too picky.


Sketch / Chair / Blanket / Rug / Side Chair / Stool / Lamp / Socks / Candle

Sue first turned me on to those wishbone chairs, and now I want to incorporate them into every room.

16 thoughts on “Reading Nook

  1. oh the wishbone chair, i didn’t love them when i first saw them, but they have just popped up all over the place and now that i have seen them work in so many design styles they have really found a place in my heart. kind of like that rug i want, but opposite, i loved that rug the moment i saw it, but then i started seeing it all the time and now it’s just everywhere and that bugs me and i love it a teeny-tiny bit less now. xoxo

    1. I had the same reaction originally to them. I think it was something about how pale the wood is, that’s not usually my style. But the more I saw them, the more they grew on me. I’m also a big fan of the Cesca cane chairs, since my dad’s best friend had a set around their dining table and they always stuck in my mind growing up. A restaurant here has cane chairs and I adore them. I think I have a chair fetish, now that I think about it…xo

    1. Same! If only we had just a leeeetle more space, I’d squeeze a reading nook in there in a heartbeat! xo

    1. Ahaha, you’re on to me ;) I can check the Papersource on Walnut street in center city if you want, I walk by it all the time. I do love that whole macaron line. My sister in law has the apron, it’s seriously adorbs. xo

  2. Yep, agreed on the wishbone chair, gorgeous. The comfy chair wouldn’t stay that colour in my house for long. Roll on Spring ;-) x

  3. it was the only chair my boyfriend & i could agree on & i don’t regret it for a nano-second (simple, stylish & soooo comfortable… just beautiful design)… love the rest of your nook too erin & funnily enough that lounge chair is the style i was going for in my lounge, but couldn’t find any slimline slip-covered chairs like it at the time… always had it in the back of my mind to get one made though!

    1. They really do look fabulous in your house, they are such a perfect choice. And how can you not love them?! It’s a sign when even your bf is on board :) You should definitely include a lounge chair like that in your new home in Oz! Now that you know they exist. How’s that house coming, by the way? xo

      1. i actually ended up with a chair which you can get the covers made for… i’ll probably get it a partner before we move home and have covers in either a deep, midnight blue or blush pink (i know, a bit of a range there!)…
        house plans are being prepared for submission and i’m currently trying to source bricks, windows, railings, etc…

        1. Oooh so lots to do!! I’d lean more towards the inky blue color, mostly because it will hold up better with consistent use. You wear a pair of really dark wash jeans on the blush pink cover…no bueno. Hope you’re having fun visiting family! xo

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