Paris Flood


My friend Vanessa sent me this picture, by photographer Henri Manuel, of Parisians during a 1920s flood being, shall we say, delightfully industrious. If this isn’t the most French way to handle a flood I don’t know what would be, aside from maybe fashioning a canoe from a large baguette. Mon dieu.

10 thoughts on “Paris Flood

  1. ha, that’s brilliant. when we lived in Paris we had to take out flood insurance because apparently our apartment building was too close to the river (our apartment was on the 5th floor, mind you). I think the flood in the 1920s must have been one of the last. I remember going to an exhibition in the Marais showing old pictures of Paris flooded. quite the sight :)

    1. No way! That’s amazing, I would never have guessed they were concerned with things like flood insurance, especially not on the fifth floor. I think if it were ever to flood that badly, there wouldn’t be insurance agents left to deal with it! That’s an end-of-the-world type flood, haha. xo

    1. Haha you on one end, me on the other, like a less-romantic-more-hungry version of Lady & the Tramp :) xo

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