My Inner French Girl

This one started with a bag. This gorgeous, plaid bag.


 1. Sweater / 2. Pants / 3. Hat / 4. Coat / 5. Necklace / 6. Gloves / 7. Bag / 8. Lotion / 9. Lip Gloss / 10. Loafers / 11. Artforum

I wrote a lot this weekend (added another 1700 words to my current total, not that we’re counting, because apparently it’s National Novel Writing Month, where writers commit to writing 50k words in the month of November. That’s more than I’ve written in over a year, pardon me while I go ahead and feel horrible about myself) and couldn’t help but to design this outfit for my girl, my gallerina. It’s the perfect outfit for a November day, right down to the loafers (waaaant) and her copy of Artforum magazine. Did I mention book research is fun?

17 thoughts on “My Inner French Girl

  1. Love that bag and the coat and gloves. V chic. But if you knew how bitterly cold it was over here at the moment you wouldn’t be wearing loafers!
    50k in one month? that’s a bit brutal! xx

    1. Maybe loafers and tights? For extra warmth? We’re having a freak warm spell here, so that’s the mindset I was in when I was making this, haha. xo

  2. ooo, i love everything. and i know for a fact i would wear that sweater for way too many days in a row if i had it. it looks so soft and cozy and it’s grey. i also love the collar on the overcoat and the navy color as well – which goes beautifully with those gloves.

    and yay, you for writing so much this weekend! who writes 50k in a month? i mean you could just write 50k easy. anyone could. but you are writing a (top-ten-list-best-selling) novel and that’s different. xoxo

    1. Pure Collection’s cashmere line is so heavenly and drool-worthy. I couldn’t afford that top if I tried, but I know that I would live in it, too. So cuddly! And navy + camel + gray is one of my favorite color combinations. Especially for fall.

      Haha, your encouragement, as always, is so wonderful. I could easily write 50k words, but they would read something like a preteen diary entry, haha. xo

  3. Well first off, those shoes. HEAVEN. I love love love them. I’d need a pair in about seven different colors, you know?

    I once sent a link to the site for NaMaBloPlo… or whatever it’s called to an acquaintance of mine, and she took off with it. I mean, really took off. Wrote an article based on a coffee group we all belonged to and ended up pretty much upsetting everyone in the group. So be careful with that whole novel writing month thing. Slow and steady, girl. ;)

    1. They do have them in navy with dark gray piping! I’d have to buy both pairs, of course, for the variety.

      That writing site says 50k is “a difficult but doable goal, even for people with full-time jobs and children.” FUCK OFF. Where the hell do you find time between a 9-10 hr/day full-time job to write for the 2 hours a day required to crank out 1000 words/hr x 30 days? They can go ahead and get right the fuck out. xo

      (I totally want to read your friend’s article now, though!)

      1. I’m trolling through your old comments while I’m waiting for Neel to be ready to run errands (ahem), and I meant to say novel when i said article… the kicker? She wanted everyone to “sign off” with permission to feature them, but she wouldn’t let anyone read it. Lovely. ;) Happy weekend, duckie!

  4. I love this entire outfit, the cut of those pants with that sweater is perfection + those camel gloves! I may have to try and replicate this look a little.

    xo Mary Jo

    1. I love love love gray and camel, and the fall is the perfect time of year to pair them. Gray is my favorite color! xo

  5. what a cute outfit and love the bag. those leather gloves look cozy but I always invision if I wear them I would have to take them off and smack someone with the gloves like some old movie lol :)

  6. oh, don’t beat yourself up over this stupid writing month. I don’t like it. you either write or you don’t. if you do, find your own pace. what’s the point in cramming it all into one month and then forgetting about it again?


    1. That’s a good point, Petra! i’d rather write just a measly 3k/mo and have it to look forward to all year round than bang out something of subpar quality in just four short weeks. xo

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