In the Meantime


Today sucks. I had an asthma attack, my hairdryer broke, and I had a small anxiety meltdown, all before 7am. So here is a picture of Gary Oldman to make everything better. It’s working already.

I’ll be back tomorrow, kiddos. In the meantime, tell me a funny story.

22 thoughts on “In the Meantime

  1. I’m about to run out the door, and all I have this week is campaign related. Do you want that? I had to skip today too… Anyhoo. On Tuesday, my friend Evans’ opponent showed up at the polls to put up campaign signs in a WHITE STRETCH LIMO. Nice huh? And now my friend Paula is going to run for our vacated state senator’s seat, except she’s going to be challenged in the democratic primary by a woman who “asked for” a campaign from her husband for an anniversary present. He got a yacht.

    Good thing hair dryers are so cheap.

    1. Haha a white stretch limo is not tacky in the slightest ;) Congrats to Evans on winning, though! If I asked for a yacht or a political career for a present I think someone would have me committed. Thanks, darling. xo

  2. Blergh to today and this whole freaking week. But you know what., that picture does make it a little better. Big hugs to you and hope the rest of the day is better

    1. Yeah, double blergh to this week. The only consolation is that it flew by, so at least it’s over for now. Thanks, girl xo

  3. Poor you, hope you are feeling a bit better now. Drying hair with a hair dryer is sooo passe. Fresh air is all the rage :-)

    I can’t think of any funny stories personally, but saw these funnies on Facebook this week, aplogs if you already read them on my timeline.

    See you tomorrow x

    1. Haha, I could argue that a) my hair is way longer than yours and b) it was 40 degrees here yesterday when I was leaving for work and I wasn’t trying to catch pneumonia :) In the end though, I bought a new hair dryer at CVS and called it a day. I even had a coupon! So all was not lost. Thanks for that link, I got a big laugh out of them! Did someone really complain that the hotel got them pregnant?? xo

  4. i am the worst when put on the spot, my whole mind goes blank and my life becomes a neverending tunnel of nothingness. i am sure i have a funny story. i have got kids and now a dog. i mean maybe something that would at least make you chuckle silently in your head . . . okay i will think on it and come back. till then xxoo

    1. Hahah, that actually did the trick. The mental of you, looking terrified, trying to rack your brain for something funny. I appreciate it, twinsy. Thank you for cheering me up! xo

  5. Ugh. Major morning bummer. I’m kind of in a similar boat this morning. Not sure if that’s funny, but I hope it helps to know that you’re not alone. Sigh..

    1. I’m sorry you were feeling blue yesterday too, Alexa! I hope it’s passed for you. It did for me by the end of the day. xo

  6. Gary Oldman looks so dapper in that photo! Hope the rest of your day was filled with cupcakes and unicorns to make up for the awful morning :-)

    1. He is super dapper, right? The end of my day was filled with mussels and a new hair dryer, so it turned around substantially! Thanks for the good vibes xo

    1. I laughed out loud so many times during that video! Thank you for sharing that, Petra. “Cheese-eating surrender-monkeys” is hilarious. I love his French accent! xo

  7. :( Lame- if you lived in my neck of the woods. I would take you out for grilled cheese sandwiches (American Croque Monsieur that you eat with your hands) and the best ice cream minus Paris ice cream you will ever eat. Tomorrow is a new day.

    1. Hahaha, oh Erika that’s so wonderful! “American Croque Monsieur that you eat with your hands.” I’m SO going to order that sometime and see what happens :) I love grilled cheese too, how did you know?! Thank you for cheering me up! xo

  8. Gary is a golden god. Phwoar.

    Sorry your day is shite. Here’s a story:

    Once upon a time we moved to Helsinki. The sun went down at 3pm in November and we all got rickets.

    THE END.

    Let’s meet in Paris and commiserate. Things are moving that way…

    1. Ha! Sorry to laugh at your misery (how do people who live in Finland NOT get seasonal affective disorder??) but I am crossing my fingers and toes you move to Paris. THINK OF ALL THE ERRANDS I’LL MAKE YOU RUN :D You’ll be wishing for rickets by the third request for a care package I have, ha. xo

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