Friday Five

After an embarrassingly long hiatus from this series (oh my god, seriously? February?) my consumerism is making a comeback. Let’s dive right in, shall we?


1. Photograph of Monet / 2. Linen “Merci” tee / 3. Rug / 4. “Le Divorce” / 5. Settee

Not that we have any wall space left to spare at this point, but I’m really in love with this old photographs of Monet at Giverny. I love his hat and suit coat; he must’ve looked so formal, sitting at his easel. I know it’s one of the most obvious statements to make about photography, but I find it so incredible that records like that exist from the past. Do you think he knew that in 100 years we would be able to hang a photograph of him (not even a print of his work, just the man behind it) in our homes? How trippy is that? I think he’d say “Merci.” And in case you want to, you can say in style thanks to that J.Crew tee.

I am having a fight with this rug. I’ve had my eye on it for a while for the living room, but it was on backorder until the end of December when Home Decorators was having a 20% off + free shipping sale. I should have just ordered it to take advantage of the promotion, but the prospect of me exercising a modicum of patience, let alone enough to last me two months, seemed impossible. So I passed. But now it’s back in stock, and I still love it. It’s vintage-y and neutral while also possessing two very necessary qualities: 1. Fitz’s hair won’t stand out like a sore thumb, and 2. the pile isn’t too plush to freak Jamal out (dude hates flokati or any pile greater than a flatweave). What do I do? Wait for it to go on sale again? That’s the smart answer, right? And that settee, while it pairs perfectly with the rug, is just a pipe-dream; it’s adorable but seriously impractical. Do you see the brocade fabric wrapped around the back??

With all the books I buy/read (those are two very distinct categories) I would be broke were it not for the Amazon marketplace. I picked up a copy of “Le Divorce” for 99¢ earlier this week, and it arrived in pristine new condition. Somehow I missed the movie adaptation with Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts from 2003, but Emma referenced it in a comment last week and it sparked my interest (thanks, Emma!). Since I’m a purist, I want to read the book before seeing the movie. I’m already halfway through it and I’m loving it so far (despite the really negative reviews it got on Amazon). If you amortize the cost of a book over the time it takes you to read it, new books are sometimes an extravagance (a necessary indulgence, though, and I promise I’m not complaining).

What are you up to this weekend? Sunday is our annual Friendsgiving (we’re having a Greek potluck this year!) and in between prepping the house for company and trying not to eat all the hummus Jamal makes, I’m hoping to get (what else) some writing done. Have a good one, kiddos!

11 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. you know when i was looking to make that tastemaker collection they had a ton of rugs like that, and i really liked them. i love the old world, worn-in, textile patina look. and i looked at the price and that was one smokin’ deal, that would have been pretty amazing. but still it’s a really good price for that size! you have been talking about needing a new rug for awhile so i say do it! and i love the 1+2 too. i have seen le divorce. if i remember correctly i was a bit disappointed, but i have never loooooved any movie that KH was in (liked, sure). and i love this: “With all the books I buy/read (those are two very distinct categories)” ha, so true! have a great weekend. xoxo

    1. I do loooove the vintage look of it, because usually rugs that are naturally vintaged and threadbare are so much more expensive because they’re all authentic Turkish or Oriental rugs. Waaay out of my price range.
      I’m not a Kate Hudson fan by any stretch of the imagination, and certainly less so when she stars opposite someone perfect like Naomi Watts. I’m still excited to see the book translate to film, since so much of it is Kate Hudson’s character’s internal musings in the book. Plus it’s like a little treat for finishing the book, not that I have to bribed but you know. xoxo

  2. OMG i’m on the interwebs! Hope you like the book and are amused by the physical transformations the characters get in the movie ;)
    Either way, Paris looks awesome in both – profitez-en!

    1. Mais oui! Vous étiez mon inspiration :) Have to give credit where it’s due! Thanks again for the book recommendation, and if you have any more feel free to send them my way. You clearly have great taste! xo

  3. Feeling punk today, so I’ve been laying low. Right now Lucy is sitting as close to “on” my lap as she can and she’s looking at me balefully. Up to no good. When we moved here from California I coveted a sofa that color that was in a store in Del Mar. It was more sofa than settee, but. That color! It never would have worked here, sadly, but I still dream about that color.

    1. That color really is beautiful, but I don’t think it would even look good here. It’s very specific to certain locales, for sure. I’m having one of those lay-low days today, but unfortunately I can’t cuddle with my pup :( I hope you’re feeling better after the weekend! xo

  4. Ooo I really do like that rug. And Amazon marketplace saves my reading budget as well. All in all, a winning compilation. i hope you had a lovely weekend

    1. I’ve only bought a few books from the Marketplace, one recently was a book on Sotheby’s that came as a library book even though the listing didn’t say “ex library copy.” Amazon generously refunded me the $3.99 and let me keep it. So even that bad experience ended up being a good one! Free book! xo

  5. I don’t know what amortize means but at the weekend we bought a hard back copy of the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid for Arthur for £12.99 and he’d finished it by bedtime. That was not good value for money.
    Plus, we have a new rug too!
    Dear Jamal, fearful of peacocks and shag pile.

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