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I first started blogging back in February of 2011, and honestly, it was lonely. No one tells you that, that it will be like writing into outer space for a few months before you start building relationships with other bloggers, and it can feel pretty bleak at first. So in May of 2011, when I saw an incoming link to my blog from a post at a then-unknown-to-me blog called Insideology, titled “Why Design Bloggers Love the Parsons Table” featuring my desk in my last apartment, I was so relieved and happy (I even felt a little famous!). Little did I know that our first comment interaction would end up being the beginning of, dare I be so cheesy, a beautiful friendship. Also, it’s amazing that we have documentation of the exact moment we became friends! Annie and I have spent the last two and a half years emailing incessantly, gossiping like girlfriends at a sleepover. She’s even sent me a gold fish candle in the mail, in case you had doubts about the seriousness of our relationship or her overall fabulousness.

Through Annie, I got to meet basically everyone else I know from blogging. Lauren, Sam, Nina, Theresa, Sue, Aga, Chi, and then everyone else that I’ve met through those connections. Annie was the main key link to all of it. I’ve even met Lauren and Sam in person! But not Annie. Not until this past weekend, when we met up in New York, and spent the day walking and talking and drinking and eating and, for my part, generally swooning over how perfect both she and Richard, her husband, are.





We of course visited Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop in the West Village, walked the whole High Line end to end, had a delicious and filling brunch, drank big pints of beer in the beer garden underneath The Standard Hotel, and the whole day went way too quickly. Seeing her for the first time, as she snuck up behind me out front of the restaurant where we ate brunch, was surreal and magical and normal all at the same time. Here she was, this person I knew so well, finally! After all this time! It was overwhelming but also sort of like I’d just seen her the week before and we were catching up for brunch as if we’d done it a million times before. And while I’d worried on the drive up that we’d have painfully awkward lapses in conversation, or that, as I’d suspected all along, I wouldn’t be cool enough for her and Richard, the whole day was perfect. The weather was an unseasonably warm 70 and sunny with not a cloud in the sky, and there wasn’t a single awkward silence to be found. We all laughed like old friends, only two of us happened to have amazing British accents that are just so dreamy. (And honestly, I’m no where near cool enough to rub elbows with Annie and Richard, but they must have still been jet-lagged, because they didn’t seem to notice.)






She left me with two Aero bars and a Cadbury caramel bar that I devoured in roughly 14 hours, as well as the warmest, fuzziest feeling ever. I can’t wait to see them again. Over brunch, Richard said, “I’m benefitting quite a lot from this ‘blogging’ thing.” And I wanted to be all, DUDE ME TOO!!, but I cooly nodded in agreement. Because, dude. Me too.

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  1. I’m so happy you finally got to meet and that you all had a wonderful day together. (What blissful weather too, right? Like you’d dialed it up for them!) I just love seeing your bright and happy smiles. XOXO

    1. Yes! For November it was really unheard of, but it just proved that even New York was excited about meeting her, too :) And you weren’t kidding, she and Richard are really so much fun! xo

  2. Awwwww… this is one of my favourite reasons for blogging – the meetups! It’s like meeting a celebrity, a bit, isn’t it? I’m so glad it went well and it looks like y’all had a wonderful time together

    1. Haha, it IS like meeting a celebrity! A celebrity that knows and likes you, to boot. What could be better than that? Blogging is so rewarding. xo

  3. Aww how lovely! I’m glad you had that feeling of “hey we know each other so well but have never met!” after all some really fabulous relationships have come from meeting people online, including meeting my husband :) x

    1. That’s so sweet! And we’ve been told so often that you should never meet people off the internet, but I think that’s definitely outdated advice :) xo

  4. I loved reading this so much. I think I am at that spot of does anyone care what I am writing about? I love that you found a beautiful true friendship through blogging, something I hope to see from my own blog. :)

    1. It’s frustrating, Alecia, I know! But I promise it pays off, it just takes a bit of sweat and tears in the beginning! And then voila, you have a huge network of friends and blog confidants. It’s lovely. xo

  5. Ahhh you all look so happy. How cool is blogging? It seems mad seeing you both together and in NYC. And you know where the next meet up is…. London baby naturellement.
    Love you guys xxx

    1. Haha, now we know how she must’ve felt when you and I were hanging out in NYC last summer together! Bit surreal, isn’t it? Of course, you get to hang out with her whenever you want, so really I’m the one who should be jealous :) London, 2014. You’re on! xo

  6. wow, looks like you had a great day out. I can remember the time when I was sending messages into outer space. kinda strange, no? these days, things are different. I met a lot of amazing people through blogging. sometimes, though, I now get the opposite feeling. well, not quite opposite. it’s like living in a parallel world to this one.

    1. It’s definitely night-and-day difference between how it was in the beginning vs now. Writing for an audience (a responsive audience! an audience that gets you!) is so, so great. xo

  7. oh that is so lovely (i swear i mean that sincerely i am not boiling over with jealousy at all! i promise! hehe. i am going to have to use some of my airline miles to get in on this IRL action). you look so purty! and the day looks so beautiful and i loooove richard’s bag! xoxo

    1. Yes! Get your booty over to this coast, lady! Or I could come out that way, I’ve never been to Portland and I hear there’s a certain lovely redhead I need to meet :) Doesn’t Richard have such style?? I was in love with his elbow patches! xo

    1. Hahahaha, we talked about that, too! So happy no one so far has tried to go all Law & Order on me ;) xo

  8. Awww, glad to hear you both hit it off! It’s so surreal seeing you both together – almost like your meeting happened in a parallel universe. :D

    Blogging really is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? I have met so many people and had opportunities I would never have had if I hadn’t taken the blind leap into the blogosphere.

    Aren’t we lucky to live in such an amazing age? xo

    1. Haha, aww thanks Chi! I’ve crossed Sam and Annie off my English-blogging-contingent list; I’m coming for you and Sue, next! :) Blogging has been so rewarding for me the past 2.5 years. Between meeting all of you guys and getting to read so many cool posts and see glimpses into other people’s lives…it’s been incredible. Sometimes I gripe about feeling too over-connected in this digital age, but I wouldn’t trade blogging for anything. xo

  9. I swear I have met some of the coolest people through blogging. There’s a whole amazing community out there. Love stories like this! :)

    1. It’s definitely weird explaining it to a non-blogger. “So you’re meeting a person you only know online?” “It’s not like THAT, I swear!” xo

  10. When I first started blogging I never thought I’d meet any friends through it – how wrong I was! I loved this post, it looked like such a perfect day. One day I hope I’ll be somewhere your way so we can meet and have lunch! /Niki

    1. Oh Niki, me too! I guess I’ll just have to come to Sweden finally! I’ve only been wanting to go for years and years. Lunch and a nice chat would be so great! One day :) xo

    1. We were having a major cheeseball moment in front of that stoop! There were also a few other pairings of girls waiting to have their photo taken, too :) xo

    1. Thank you! Get this– that brunch spot is a block away from Anna’s apartment on the SAME street! How crazy is that? Annie picked it, so it was really a fluke coincidence. xo

  11. Thank you sooo much for showing us round, we had the best day. And wow, what weather we had, incredibly. It was so much more fun walking the high line with you guys.

    I am still laughing at Richard’s over-coordinated outfit and him pouring coins into his shoe. Wierdo. And we just took the mickey out of poor JAMAL all day for being from Jersey. Jeff is awesome, so funny and you are a fabulous couple.

    Perfect and cool? Um…. I spent the whole day feeling old, wrinkly and fat next to you!

    Ahh carrie’s stoop – looks more like her stoop in the photo doesn’t it? I loved seeing that.

    It is cool we know the exact moment we became friends. I have video footage of the exact moment I saw Richard for the first time (it’s not mine, I wasn’t stalking him!) which is cool.

    Ugh I just wished you lived here and not there! Had the best time xxx

    1. I am STILL laughing hysterically over him pouring coins into a shoe, too! And his man-shelf! He is a riot, and you two are seriously so perfect and lovely together. We all fit together like old friends, I adored every second of it. I might have teared up in the car out of the city :( Also I’ve eaten all the chocolate you brought me, so you clearly have to come back again. Immediately. Preferably as soon as possible. I miss you!!

      I love that you have video footage of the first moment you and Richard met. I remember that from your wedding video :) And you could never be old or fat or wrinkly, not even if you tried!


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