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I awoke this morning to a text message from Jamal. If there is anything more divine than waking up to, “Macarons: procured!” I’ve yet to experience it. So yes, Jamal is in Paris and I’m split somewhere in the neighborhood of 80/20 when it comes to my happiness/jealousy ratio. I talked to him this morning and he’s having the best time; he bought cheap bleu cheese from our local fromagerie on Rue des Abbesses, stopped in for a coffee break and stood at the bar with the other old French men while drinking his café. He went to our favorite street near the Eiffel Tower, bought himself new mustard at Maille. Last night in French class, my teacher told me I was “more advanced” than the class level, so that’s basically the same thing as being in Paris, right? Right.

I’ve been writing up a storm these past two weeks. It’s one line at a time (bird by bird) usually (most recently: “But that’s it. You don’t know they’re bad until the end.”), but on Sunday as the afternoon light faded, it was 3 whole hand-written pages on my sofa, the scratch of my pen against the paper the only sound in the room.

It’s been a good two weeks sans fiancé, honestly. As good as can be expected. I vacuumed a lot. Ate Halloween oreos before dinner if I felt like it. He’s in Paris until late tomorrow afternoon, and while I’m really, truly thrilled he’s there, enjoying our city and falling in love with it on his own, I’m ready for him to come home.

With macarons, naturellement.

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  1. Didn’t know Halloween Oreos existed till I read your post just now. Our Night Safari has an annual Halloween event, and the American community in Singapore celebrate it, but it’s not really a widespread thing among the general Singapore population (apart from the youngsters who attend the Night Safari event). Might join in the role-play party in the Pottermore Hufflepuff common room though.

    1. Oh yeah! Oreo goes all out for the major holidays: the frosting becomes bright orange for Halloween, yellow for Easter, red for Christmas. It’s pretty exciting if you’re an oreo lover! haha. Your plans sound fun! I have no clue what we’re doing! xo

  2. He he – that text message was so perfecttly engineered a smile was guaranteed! He’s a clever one.

  3. “our local fromagerie” i love it. even to this day, the boulangerie closest to the apartment that we had in paris years ago is still “our local boulangerie” too. and yes! when we were there, we brought home so many jars of maille moutard! so glad that you’ll have your jamal home soon!

    1. Yes! You know it well. That will forever be our cheese shop, until we move to Paris one day and reclaim it fully :) I didn’t consider myself a mustard lover until we went to Maille and I had their white wine mustard fresh pumped from the cask. Mon dieu! Delicieux! xo

  4. Naturellement…..Guessing that the macarons will taste better than the Halloween Oreos.
    You’ve always been advanced in every thing you put your mind to. Now French has made the list, too.

  5. i am so happy that you have been writing again. scratch, scratch, scratch. i can hear the sound of your writing. see it happens. we just need long torturous breaks between our bouts of creativity. plus i think sometimes solitude is good for these sorts of things – at least for me it is. it can be vital at times.

    and you are still taking french! advanced! i am so impressed. xoxo

    1. Thanks, twinsy! I obviously love having Jamal at home all the time, but there is something interesting that happens to me creatively when it’s just me (well, and Fitz, if you can find him in his little sleep pile somewhere…). You know how it is. I need to stop being so freaked out by the “breaks” that occur because at the end of them comes afternoons like the one I had on Sunday.

      I’m still taking French! I’m in 106, and after these 10 weeks it’s on to 201! The two hundred level! Whoa! xo

  6. Gosh he’s been away forever, you will be very glad to have him home, with macaroons.
    Love blue cheese. Just sayin’

    1. Over two weeks! It went faster than I thought it would overall, but at times it dragged. You know how it goes. xo

  7. Your Jamal really is a sweetie and you two are almost sickeningly sweet. :) Yay to all the writings getting done lately. Sometimes the words just pour out and your pen can barely keep up

    1. Haha, “almost”! Whew :) I’m definitely experiencing an avalanche of words, to be all dramatic about it. xo

  8. Yay! I was thinking about you this weekend – I hope the time passes really quickly until he gets back!

    1. Thanks, Samantha! Part of me wants it to go by quickly, but on the other hand I want his time in Paris to drag on forever (that’s what I’d want someone to wish for me if I were in Paris!) xo

  9. I can sense how much you miss him and how much you wish you could be with him in Paris. You’re doing good and you’ve almost made it! Happy to read that you’ve done a lot of writing in his absence (second best thing). There is something so satisfying about filling handwritten pages in a journal; something a keyboard could never replace. Thinking of you. xo

    1. Thank you, darling. Handwritten pages take longer, and I’m prone to hand cramps, but you’re right. There’s no comparison to a keyboard! Missing you lately. xo

  10. SO jelly that he is in paris and eating macarons.. hopefully he brings you home an amazing french gift. I told myself the next time I go to Paris- I am splurging at one of those Paris cosignment stores and getting myself a Channel Bag. :)

    1. Ohh the treasure trove Parisian thrift stores must contain. I’m personally going to keep my eye out for a vintage Hermès scarf! xo

  11. Oh, those macarons will taste soooo good, and so will Jamal! Not long now :-)
    ‘but on Sunday as the afternoon light faded’ sounds like a line from your book?
    Glad the writing is progressing nicely xx

  12. Sounds like you’ve handled his absence quite nicely, but I’m sure you’ll be glad to have him back. I get hand cramps too, but I learn so much between what I hand write and when I go to transpose it with the keyboard that it’s totally worth it.

    1. Oh definitely. No pain, no gain was a phrase probably coined by a writer, not a weightlifter ;) There’s something very obviously physical about writing that opens me up more than sitting at a computer. Or at least that’s how it’s been recently. xo

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