So This Happened


Someone remind me of this the next time I complain my creative well has run dry, yes? (Someone also smack me the next time I use a cheesy metaphor like “creative well.”) And in case you’re curious: my 30,000th word was ‘of.’ Thrilling.

18 thoughts on “So This Happened

    1. Haha seriously. Don’t we all, though? I told J that I clearly need to be a stay-at-home-fiancée and write all day :) xo

  1. boom!

    and i won’t say i told you so because twinsy’s don’t say such things to each other. but twinsy’s sometimes do know best and i knew that creative spurt was coming. it always does right after you truly believe you are completely done for. remember that next time, or maybe don’t – you might jinx the magical process. xoxo

    1. <3 Twinsy! You could have said you told me so, it would have been well-deserved :) And I promise to always encourage you too, when you have a creative lull! That's what twinsy's are for! xo

  2. woo! congrats! and although “of” may be a little bland in terms of creative wells and the 30,000th word, i’m sure it is in no way indicative of your writing as a whole!

    1. Oh man, let’s hope not! Haha, I’m sure it was a fluke, but I was half-wishing such a milestone would be marked by some grand word. Like “sublime” or “murmured.” Oh well. Maybe at 50k?? HA! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. xo

    1. Thanks, Sue!! I stole the idea from someone on Instagram, who wrote a word-count goal on her hand. It inspired me to hang these post-its on my computer with milestones so I wouldn’t slack off/lose sight of my goal! It’s working :) xo

    1. It is! I shouldn’t knock it, it wouldn’t have gotten this far without it apparently. :) So far so good on the ink front, though I’m always backing up whatever I have on my computer. I don’t even want to entertain the idea of losing everything. Yikes! xo

  3. I constantly struggle with the whole creative process because why can’t it just exist be such a roller coaster? I read an article recently that its not about the peaks and valleys in the creative process but achieving flow- that place where all the stars align. :) Thrilling is such a great word.

    1. It’s easy to forget how many other people are struggling with their own creative process, because it tends to be such a singular pursuit. I feel alone in it most of the time, but really, everyone is going through some sort of crazy peaks-and-valleys scenario of their own! Maybe that’s why people join writing groups. xo

    1. That’s the tough part! Milestones like these make me want to take a break, haha. I feel like I’ve accomplished enough! xo

    1. Aw, thank you Aga! I promise there is much less effort involved in blogging than in writing this novel, haha. But I still appreciate your support! xo

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