She is last spring’s art history graduate…She spends her day reading┬áThe Art Newspaper, answering the phone, and saying “Can I help you?” in a tone of voice intended to cause window-shoppers to flee. One reason she is defensive is to fend off the rhetorical question from browsers: “Who buys this stuff?” She has been instructed as to which classes of people to be explicitly rude to: artists wanting to have their slides reviewed, student groups, women with large hats, cheap handbags, or who arrive in groups larger than two…Snub her as she subs you. She is not the charming and welcoming Charlotte York character in Sex and the City, who worked in an upscale gallery and actually was allowed to talk to customers and solicit new artists.

You know when you read something that is so specific and poignant that it feels as though it was written just for you? That’s how I felt when I read that quote from Don Thompson’s “The $12 Million Stuffed Shark (The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art)” the other morning waiting for the bus. “That’s my protagonist!” I thought. “That’s my Mirette!” There she was, a full (though admittedly more brusque) portrait at the end of a chapter on the role of art dealers in contemporary art sales. It was magic. She exists somewhere else besides my brain.

What are you reading?

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6 thoughts on “Quotable

  1. ha, never heard of a gallerina either. how fun :) I’m reading Terry Pratchett at the moment. also quite enlightening. as always :)

  2. i knew it! or at least i was hopeful and then it was true: you were describing your character from your book!

    i also have never heard the word “gallerina” before. i like it because i like those smashed up words like ginormous (now officially a word); but it also sounds patronizing. that could be me projecting on the fact that i think it would be awesome to work in a gallery and for me that is high-status right there (even if you get paid peanuts) and gallerina doesn’t really evoke that same vibe. i am going to have to mull that one over. so excited about that top bit!!! xoxo

  3. I agree with Rooth! Who wouldn’t want to be a Gallerina? Although I find it really hard to be deliberately offensive to people. Unless I’ve been tremendously provoked. And then the guilt. For days.

  4. i love coming across bits and pieces of something that just hits somewhere close to your heart. i get that a lot when i read oscar wilde, so i definitely consider him one of my favorite authors. it gives me the feeling that there’s someone in this world that feels the same way that i do… it’s a comforting feeling for sure.

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