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la vue de Sacre-Cœur, via Jamal

He made it! He’s home! With a cold (obviously), lots of laundry, lots of photos (yay!), and most importantly, lots of presents! Before he left, he made the mistake of casually asking me, “Is there anything you’d like from Paris?” To which I rattled off a list that sounded something like, “Ohmygodyes, I need macarons, and those Monster Munch things, and you know how much better their butter tastes, and what about if you brought back a few baguettes or some cheese and maybe–” and then he cut me off, regretting deeply his offer. But he didn’t let me down. In fact, he even surpassed my wildest expectations about what he could possibly bring back from his short solo vacation in the greatest city on earth (he did not bring back the Eiffel Tower or a French person, but we’re going to give him full credit anyway).







He really outdid himself with this one. Remember this design of Auguste Rodin from the Musée Rodin gift shop? He brought back a kids t-shirt with the adorable little drawing on it. You know, for our future (HYPOTHETICAL) child. I simultaneously wish I could fit into it and that we had a kid right now. That Jamal. He is the sweetest.


And of course, the pièce de résistance: macarons! From the Ladurée on Rue de Rivoli, 15 macarons in salted caramel, rose, pistachio, lemon, vanilla, blackcurrant and violet, and chocolate.


I think we all know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

I’m off Monday for Columbus Day, and decided to make it a four day weekend by taking today off, too. I’m spending the day writing and doing laundry, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. We have a friend’s wedding tomorrow! What are you up to? Have a good one, kiddos!

14 thoughts on “Paris & Presents

  1. Butter – i love it! i remember someone instagraming a butter similar to that, but i think it was only imported in Portland. boo.

  2. that is too adorable that he got you a teeshirt for your future child (and it’s totally unisex. good job). no wonder you are marrying him, he’s your perfect match! and those macarons are making me cry. i want some. right now. enjoy all your goodies and your weekend twinsy! xo

  3. My grandchild will look extra adorable in that t. Are you sure you can’t squeeze into it in the meantime. You have found one in a million. Cherish him.

  4. yessss so proud of him for bringing you butter. when we came back, i think we brought maybe 6 butters back with us, giving them out to friends and family as “souvenirs”. Paris is definitely a place where there are so many “souvenirs” that aren’t typical souvenirs at all. also – will you share a pistachio and violet macaron with me? pretty please? i’ll come all the way up to philly tonight if you save them for me…

  5. You’re a demi-sel girl! I knew I could trust you. I miss that stuff like BAD. The butter here is all rapeseed oil and healthy and just lacks flavour- and don’t even get me started on the lack of baguette. Is it weird to consider moving back JUST for those things?


  6. We were in Paris last year during October and it was perfect because I found several cute little shops full of sweet gifts that I gave as Christmas presents. They were so special! Love that kids shirt! So cute!

  7. Oh my goodness what a complete sweetheart. I love love love that he got a kid’s tee… How terribly sweet. Okay I’ll stop gushing now

  8. whoa….wait a minute… munch??? the french have monster munch??? but they are ours! I can’t believe they’ve stolen our childhood crisps and made them look like pacman baddies rather than monster feet! Harumph.

  9. Jamal is the best fiance ever. The macarons are so pretty, I remember when the whole hype started years ago and a colleague brought some from Paris, I was lucky enough to try the rose petal one and I swear it was one of the best food experiences ever. Enjoy! x

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