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If you’ve ever wanted to undertake a total gut-renovation job, on an historic 4300 ft2 townhouse in Saint-Germain no less, now is your chance. The gorgeous bones are still there: the herringbone floors, built-in cabinets, winding staircase. It just needs some love (and perhaps a few million dollars on top of the unlisted, “Price Upon Request” listing) to restore it back to its former glory. I imagine it smells romantically musty and stuffy, and that there are hidden love letters stashed behind the shelves on either side of the original fireplace. Who lived here in the 1890s? Were there grand parties with string music and crinoline skirts? Did that fountain in the courtyard work? Did someone ever fill it with champagne? This house just oozes history and Belle Epoque charm. Want want want.

8 thoughts on “Needs Renovating

  1. Just thinking about renovating our master bath is making me feel twitchy, so I have a feeling that I’d be tempted to move in my sofa, plug in a lamp and be done with it!

  2. Thank you for finding this gem. I think I’ll use your inheritance to purchase and rehab it…….
    No finders fee. We’re family.

  3. totally and completely gorgeous from top to bottom. i can definitely smell it’s must through my computer and i would love to spend a night there, regardless of if it’s been renovated or not! i actually think this would be awesome to turn into a commercial property and rent it out as event space! that one room looks large enough for a sit down reception and the room with the herringbone and the courtyard ares would be perfect for cocktail receptions. my mind is spinning with ideas this place is so inspiring!

  4. Gosh just look at those windows! I bet this place comes with its very own ghost too… some tragic love story gone wrong. Love it!

  5. this is the kind of place i have been dreaming of my house life! i think if i just pulled those carpets up the rest of the way i’d be good for awhile. i mean look at that place. it is perfect and dreamy and i am sure could be completely livable with a little sweeping and dusting and maybe a bit of paint, at least in the stair area. xoxo

  6. I am sooooo curious about the facade – what does it look like, where is it? I wish they could tell you.

  7. me too, me too, me too. I’d love to restore an old apartment or house one day. so far, I always thought of Spain. an old finca. but maybe Paris would make for a good alternative :

  8. I watched a Japanese renovation show where a famous architect will renovate a home to solve a major problem the resident family has with the existing layout (e.g. kitchen so small they have to close the fridge door every time someone enters or leaves). No love letters discovered in the episodes I watched, but someone uncovered a wooden pillar (hidden behind the walls) that survived the war.

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