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How cute are these illustrated posters by artist Géraldine Adams? Born in France and now living in California, Géraldine is harkening back to her roots with these delightful drawings. I’m hard-pressed to pick just one; in equal amounts I love le fromage, le pain, et les macarons, but I think the cheese illustration in particular might end up in our kitchen. Now all I want is some Roquefort.

27 thoughts on “French Kitchen Illustrations

  1. Oh these are right up my street too. I absolutely love a good print. I am one of those people who have to reign themselves in from buying too many framed illustrations. One day – in a bigger home – I may just let myself run riot! x

    1. Hah, I can sympathize! I need a gigantic, empty wall in my next house so I can hang everything and have room left for all the new prints I inevitably purchase ;) xo

  2. oh yes, that cheese one is easily my favorite. i love the colors and i loooooove cheese – even more than macarons i think, and, well, the bread one would just be torture in my house. but all i can think about is why in the world is she living in california if she is from france? xo

      1. Aha, Géraldine, both Christine and I are avid Francophiles who would drop everything to move to France (well, maybe I’m speaking for just me) so to us silly Americans, you’d have to be crazy to voluntarily leave France! But now I get it. I’d move across the world for love, too! xo

  3. If YOU passed up the macaron poster for the cheese poster, you ARE your father’s daughter!

    1. Haha, hey there’s still a chance I buy three or four, but my heart instantly ached for that cheese poster. Without a doubt. xo

  4. J’adore touts!

    In a large kitchen I would love all four as a set!

    I think maybe you could put the cheese in your kitchen and the macaron in your writing/guest bedroom!

    1. C’est une idee parfait! But then where would the bread one go?? Haha ;) When you and Brett move in together expect a darling housewarming present from moi! xo

    1. Two things I sadly do not have, but I guess if I hung these they might interject some much needed brightness, oui? Oui! xo

    1. I think it’s a necessary staple in every home! And who isn’t a cheese lover?? I ask you! xo

  5. Hi Erin,

    Thank you very much for featuring my prints.
    I understand your Roquefort craving. When I drew the cheeses, I was also very hungry! :-)

    1. Oh, merci Géraldine! Thank YOU for making them! I couldn’t help but share, they are just so perfect! xo

  6. My four favorite food groups! Cheese, meat, crusty breads, and macarons! All of those together with a glass of wine make the best meal ever.

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