A Well-Dressed Man




Nicely done, Zara. Though I have as much chance as my book being published and selling a million copies in the first week as I do of getting Jamal into a turtleneck and skinny jeans (read: zero), it’s fun to dream. And oggle. Seriously, Zara’s mens knitwear section is providing some major eye candy.

13 thoughts on “A Well-Dressed Man

  1. Yeah, trying to imagine Neel in leather pants (OMG remember the Friends episode with Ross and the red leather pants?????!!!!!), and then deciding that I *don’t* want to imagine Neel in leather pants. Otherwise? Those sweaters? Yes and yes.

  2. i think my favorite is the top right or bottom right. i don’t know about leather pants, i mean you really have to be able to wear them. not to be all critical because i would looooove it if men (and women, myself included) dressed a little more chic on the daily.

    oh and when fisher was about 3 he had a pair of leather pants, they were his favorite! he had a real thing for elvis at the time and he wanted to be elvis for halloween so that’s where we got the leather pants, then he just kept wearing them, everyday. he’d just wear them with flip-flops and a teeshirt. it was pretty awesome.

    ps i finally got my blog post up today. it wasn’t working the last couple days. weird huh?

    1. Same, I wish people dressed like they used to even 40 years ago, when everyone wore suits and dresses and gloves and hats everywhere. Now (and I’m guilty of this) people wear leggings as pants in public. Oh well. Maybe there’s a balance between fancy suits and leggings? Is it leather pants? I’m on board if it is! I love that story about Fisher. More proof that you raise awesome kiddos :) xo

    1. Is it so much to ask to have a man wear some turtlenecks every once in a while?? My dad wore turtlenecks constantly, so I’m sure there’s something darkly Freudian about me wanting J to wear them too, haha xo

    1. Haha, that’s a good plan! I did get him into a slim fit three-piece suit for a wedding this past weekend. With a vest and everything! Baby steps :) xo

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