What a Deal

Every once in a while I impress even myself with my shopping skills. Behold my latest scores:


Bag / Boots

This would be my second pair of those boots; I wore the first pair for three seasons until the soles were flapping off and the heel was ground down to oblivion. At $150, I made sure I got my money’s worth. I needed a new pair for the upcoming fall (FALL. IT’S ALMOST FALL!) but was hoping they would go on sale. My prayers were answered when a friend at work passed along a 20% off + free shipping coupon, bringing the cost down from $149.95 to $119. But it doesn’t end there, because I used Ebates and got an extra $6 back. Price: $113. Savings: $37.

Having carried a Longchamp Le Pliage┬átote that my mom bought me for a few months now, I finally understood what all the fuss was about. They’re lightweight, can hold a ton, and go with everything. Mine is brown, and I’d been eyeing one in black. The Les Planetes version is made with a slightly thicker nylon, and unlike the Pliage line, the handles are black. I wouldn’t say I needed another bag, but I did like it and I really wanted it, but was deterred at $160. Luckily, Bloomingdale’s was having a Loyalist sale last week, meaning I got $25 off + free shipping. Yadda yadda yadda, I used Ebates, got an extra $8 back, and the previously $160 bag clocked in at $127. Savings: $33. I win.

Also, and I mean it, I’m done shopping for a while. These two purchases were the only things on my fall (NO BUT SERIOUSLY, IT’S ALMOST FALL) wishlist along with this trench coat, so I’m set!

17 thoughts on “What a Deal

  1. i’m pretty sure you’ll be wearing these soon, if not now – it’s 10degrees in NY! (ok, 50 in farenheit…)

    1. I’m wearing them today! It’s staying in the 60s around here, and that is boot weather as far as I’m concerned ;) xo

  2. i am more of a leather bag girl myself, unless it’s a vintage find of some sort, so i’d have to see that bag in person. and where did you get the boots my lady? i need new boots, ok, i don’t neeeeeed new boots but i have been wearing the same boots for so long, i could use a little changing up. that’s an amazing price for leather boots!!

    1. I hear you, and I do have a leather bag or two, but they’re just so heavy even when they’re empty. Add in a heavy DSLR and a heavier lens, and then all the assorted lip gloss I have to carry around, and my glasses, and a book, of course, and I end up with a throbbing shoulder. These are so lightweight they don’t hurt to carry!

      The boots are from Steve Madden, and I love them (clearly). I’m wearing them today for the first time and I might have developed a giant blister on my heel already…but it’s worth it. xo

  3. You’re done shopping for a while? You might have to give us evidence of that!
    I have been reading about those long champ bags for ages too and wondering what the fuss is about. Maybe I’ll have to try one on and see what the fuss is about.
    Love the boots x

    1. Okay well obviously buying things in New York with you won’t count, because that’s a special occasion. But yes! Otherwise, I’m done. I promise. At least until Thanksgiving. Ahem.
      I didn’t get the hype either because every preppy girl in college carried their books in a large Longchamp and I didn’t get the appeal, but my mom bought one for each of us a while ago and I instantly got it. They’re light! They’re sturdy! The perfect size, go with everything, simple. I’m a fan. xo

  4. You’ve got mad skills! Like you, I didn’t know what all the fuss was about until I purchased one of those totes too. Now, I think they’re great. I found that it helps to carry smaller pouches inside to keep things organized, or I’m just crazy. ;) I’m dying over your all black one. Nice!

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