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Over the long weekend, Jamal suggested we do something we’d never done before despite one of us having been born and raised here: take the ferry from Philly to Camden and go to Adventure Aquarium. So as not to seem too juvenile, we invited along two sets of his friends and their children (3 under 3). I love aquariums. I love fish and water and sea life and turtles and PENGUINS. Good lord, those African Penguins and their perfectly cute butt-wiggles. Did you know that most of the animals at the aquarium are fed restaurant-quality food? Including steaks for the sharks, squid for the penguins. I don’t know what they feed seahorses or sea dragons, but I’m guessing it’s Adorable Pills because come on. The latter look like cartoons. It was a great afternoon with great friends (AND PENGUINS). Not pictured: the explosive diarrhea one of the hippos released right next to the glass where we were standing. You’re welcome!

(It goes without saying: I love my new(old) lens)

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  1. I visited Phillip Island in Australia a few years ago to see the penguins returning from the sea in the evening. I witnessed two penguins quarrelling – one of them actually lifted up its fin to slap the other one in the face! The one who got slapped looked rather astonished.

    1. I actually laughed out loud reading this. That poor slapped penguin! What on earth could he have done to deserve that?? xo

  2. Your photography is fantastic!!! But, hey, no fair! We took you to the Adventure Aquarium when it first opened! OK, we drove instead of taking a ferry and all the fish were gray because they were only exhibiting New Jersey fish. This shouldn’t be held against us!!!
    We took you to the Baltimore Aquarium and I took you to the Vancouver Aquarium! So, I think think that deserves a cute penguin for my birthday!

    1. I knew we’d been there before, but the ferry was the new part! This obviously isn’t as grand as either the Baltimore or Vancouver aquariums, but it was really nice! They’ve really made great improvements to it. And I’d love to take you for your birthday (unless you were talking about me actually buying you a penguin, in which case….uh, no.) xo

  3. oh look at how cute that little sea horse is. and that little drangony thing. i want to hold them. well, probably not but they look so cute. this is really triggering a need to watch finding nemo. and i can’t believe these photos were taken through glass! xo

    1. Right? I wanted to dunk myself in their tanks and snuggle them. Though I don’t know how snuggly any of them would be. Maybe the penguins. Penguins don’t have fur, they have feathers! I learned that at the aquarium. xo

    1. Thank you so much, Alexa! I’m really glad I splurged on this lens earlier in the year. It made a big difference! xo

  4. Definitely adorable pills. I’m glad you had such a good time. The last aquarium I saw was at the dentist’s office – womp womp womp

  5. it’s been such a long time since i’ve been to an aquarium – i’m going to have to squeeze in a visit before summer ends!

    1. Me as well, the last time I went to one was close to 8 years ago! A shame. I bet they’re just as much fun in winter…probably more so because you’re toasty inside :) xo

  6. I love aquariums too! And I really want a seahorse. a little girl in Cornwall found one in a rockpool but it’d gone by the time we got there.
    A few years ago I went diving in Cape Town aquarium in the shark tank!

    1. Ooh, I wonder what a seahorse was doing all the way up there! Not that I know where they’re native to, or anything, I’m not a marine biologist. I’m so impressed you were brave enough to in the shark tank! This aquarium offered it, too, but there is no way I’ll swim with sharks (knowingly!) xo

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