Wash and Fold and…Beer?






photographs by Arne Jennard, via Knstrct

I made it a point to never live in an apartment that didn’t have a washer and dryer in the building when, but I might have been a little more lenient in my requirements had something like Wasbar, the Belgian laundromat and cafe,¬†existed around here when I was still renting. Think about it: all those hours spent doing laundry, waiting for each load to finish and fighting for the good machines, could have passed much more enjoyably if you’d had a beer in your hand. Owners¬†Dries Henau and Yuri Vandenbogaerde went to great lengths to make Wasbar not only new and different, but also inviting, instead of sterile and cold like most laundromats, by using up-cycled materials and hiding all the plumbing and piping in the basement. The result is a long row of sleek washing machines, all bearing women’s names (Mona, Jacqueline, Lisette) while the dryers have men’s (Jacob, Albert, Jules). Wasbar’s logo? A clothespin crossed with a bottle opener. What’s Flemish for “charming”?

Next time I’m in Belgium, I’m going.

10 thoughts on “Wash and Fold and…Beer?

  1. Wicked! I wonder if it still smells like a sweaty laundromat though, even if it’s a coffee and beer laced one?
    Love the drawer signage, it reminds me of a lovely coffee shop in Perth, had exactly the same thing, and they re-purposed some front doors too x

  2. that’s funny. there was this one “new” laundromat that went in near my grandparents several years ago and it was intense. it had a snack bar and arcade and tvs. i don’t know why i ever ended up there but i did and it was way too much for me. it was just packed with kids and clothes and noise. i think beer is better than arcades and candy at the laundromat.

  3. I’ve always been fascinated by that weird American thing of having a washing room in a block of flats like in Friends. That doesn’t happen here at all – you just have your own washing machine in your kitchen. I can’t decide if I think it’s cool or would be really annoying that you can’t put your washing on in the nude!

  4. This is really awesome. Our apartment complex has 2 “laundromats” on property which isn’t so bad. Normally I do a few loads and hit the pool which is right next to it. However, the one thing better than being at the pool? Having a beer.

  5. That’s adorable that they have names! I’m with you – doing laundry, having a beer and maybe a chance meeting with someone else who’s just as cute as this laundromat? Count me in

  6. oh, this is perfect. I hate these places. when I was younger I’d rather carry my laundry to a friend’s place than use a laundromat. this would have been perfect :)

  7. Now that’s original. And I reckon it would be a fab place for the footloose and fancy free to meet people. If there was something like this in London I’d be recommending it to my single friends, for sure! x

  8. Ah this is a great concept! There use to be a place like this in Seattle a long time ago, it has sinced closed. But it did very well for a long time.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

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