Turtleneck Weather


Peter Lindbergh for the Pirelli Calendar 2014

Let the record reflect that today, September 9th, I wore my first turtleneck of the season. Granted, it’s a short sleeved sweater, but it still counts. It was a chilly 60 this morning, going up to 75. I need it to dip another 10-15 degrees so I can bust out the rest of my impressive stack of turtlenecks. I look as good in them as these fine ladies do, obviously.

PS. Thank you all for the kind words on this post. They mean more to me than you know. I love you guys.

9 thoughts on “Turtleneck Weather

  1. 2nd in from the right for me please. That looks supersnuggly.
    I got my boots out for the first time today. So over summer clothes and want to get cosy x

  2. I can’t really do turtlenecks, but I lurve cardigans and I’m ready for those. As long as I can get a few more beach walks in. But then boots. Oh yeah.

  3. i think it’s suppose to be in the 80’s and 90’s all week here but a few days ago it was pouring down rain, windy and cold. it felt like fall was here in full force and i got to dress accordingly. now that’s something i love about the not sunny weather – dressing for it. xo

  4. 60 degrees is not chilly!
    I’m loving the 2nd from the left please. Actually can I be Helena too?
    Pissed down all day here today so I put on my wellies and a thick cable knit cardy. Happy… not :-(

  5. I’m so jealous. We’re in the middle of the most horrid heat wave. I knew it was coming since we had such a mild summer. I cannot wait until the temperatures dip and I can pull out the fall clothes. That photo is such a tease.
    PS~Love the header!

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