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Kristen Ivey van Diggelen started VanIvey Ceramics¬†earlier this year, aiming to¬†create “fewer things of greater quality that are made locally and beautifully.” Not a bad catalyst to starting your own company, and the results are truly stunning. Kristen works out of her San Francisco studio, hand-making each piece out of stoneware clays. “In an age of mass production, we aim to provide a truly unique alternative to dinnerware that can be passed down from generation to generation.” All the pieces are dinnerware, dishwasher, and microwave safe, but I don’t know if I could ever be brought to using them. They’re just too pretty. Doesn’t that last shot remind you of a Severin Roesen still life?

8 thoughts on “VanIvey Ceramics

  1. Well, they’re just stunning. I actually think it’s important to use stuff like this, if you’re lucky enough to own it. You honor it more with use. My favorite photo is the second, that cup with the flower in it. I doubt that cup is handleless, but with those feet? I’d love it if it was!

  2. I was just thinking that styling is so lush and gorgeous like a painting! I can’t believe each piece is hand made, they are each so beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous, I love just how tactile it seems and all those lovely, tiny irregular curves. It reminds me a bit of the Astier de Villate china. Lovely x

  4. They are so beautiful, perfect for my dream country home, I really like the styling although I completely don’t get the bubbles, could do without. x

  5. as soon as your page popped up and i saw that first image i think my belly did a little flop – what is this? what is this treat erin has today?

    i was just watching the movie amour last night, have you seen that, ooph, so sad. but how terrible is that that while watching this beautiful, poignant , and important movie i am fixated on their parisian apartment and the china that they drink their tea in? pretty terrible, but that apartment, a fresh coat of paint and it’d be perfect.

    anyway, i had an epiphany last night that i want some pretty white china, and now here you are today with the prettiest white china and i think it’s a sign. i can’t believe they hand make all of these. amazing. and, yes, absolutely on your last question. so beautiful!

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