Rain, Rain



I’m feeling under the weather and a bit sad this week, so you’ll have to excuse my absence until (hopefully) tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “Rain, Rain

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling blue, sweetie. Best thing you can do is take care of yourself. I know you’re committed to blogging everyday, but maybe taking a break is just the thing you need. I know I’d miss you, but mostly I want you to take care of you. XOXO

    1. Thanks, L. It felt good to wallow in it for a bit and then move past it. I’m feeling much better today! xo

  2. oh my twinsy let’s pretend we are cuddling + watching french movies (or bad tv) and eating macarons. i am sorry you are down hopefully it’s the reflective kind and not the super sad kind. either way i am thinking of you and sending you virtual ____ (fill in the blank – whatever it is you need).

    anyway, i agree with lauren, maybe you should just take the rest of the week of off and recoup. we are not going anywhere.

    and lastly that image is just so gorgeous. it might even be making me miss the rain right now (i think this is the driest summer we have ever had here.)

    1. I could fill in that blank with YOU. That was the sweetest comment. Virtual cuddles and couch-hanging is really what the doctor ordered. Sigh. Sometimes you just have days like that. I’m better today! xo

      (Isn’t that photo stunning? I want to live inside of it).

  3. I second Sue, after the rain the sun comes out again. Take the rest of the week off from blogging and maybe write a little bit on your book or do whatever you feel like. He is a virtual Cronut , I have to admit I need sweets when I am feeling blue. xo

    1. Of course my fingers were not as fast as my brain and I wanted to write here is a virtual Cronut and not he is a virtual Cronut ;)

    2. Ooh, thank you Nina! That’s what I needed. I have to try one of those sometime soon! Will you be my taste-tester and tell me how they are? xoxo

  4. *BIG HUG* (that was my attempt to send you a big virtual hug)! Hope you are feeling a bit better and a little less sad. Probably not the healthiest solution but I find a large glass of wine and a marathon of Cops always cheers me up!

    1. It worked!! Thanks, Meghan. You’re so sweet, I’m definitely feeling better (though I could still go for a glass of wine…hmm…) xo

  5. Buggers! I don’t like to read that you’re not feeling well. Right after reading that Lauren was feeling blue, it crept up on me this week, and now you. I am starting to wonder if it’s contagious. :T
    It does sound like you’re feeling better and for that I’m smiling. xo
    PS~I love that photo!

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