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As if I needed another reason to want to elope to Paris, these photos of a couple’s recent wedding in my favorite city are doing the trick. Having the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop for your nuptials? Oui, merci. The groom’s name is Jeff! That’s a sign, right? His suit is the perfect shade of blue, I’m going to have to remember this when Jamal goes to pick his. I love the bride’s dress and the vintage green car they had for the day. See more here.

11 thoughts on “Paris Elopement

  1. i would have never been into a blue suit unless i saw this! some classic and i bet jamal would look so good in it too! perfect combo with the shade of your wedding dress. oh erin i’m getting all butterflies just thinking about you on your wedding day!

  2. these photos are gorgeous! do it! why not? a lot of people elope and then have a big reception for friends and family. personally i kind of think it’s the best of both worlds. but i know you already have that beautiful place in your hometown reserved for the ceremony. maybe next time, haha jk, maybe it will have to be paris for le honeymoon. but if you DO decide to elope in paris maybe lauren could be your photographer and i could be her assistant?? xoxo

    ps i love that car!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful and I love the simplicity of it all. I suppose that’s what elopement is all about though, right?

  4. heck, even i want to elope in paris now having seen this! perfection! you could have a macaron wedding cake!

  5. I could happily stare at the first set of pictures with that gorgeous (and I mean GORGEOUS) wedding dress against a Parisian backdrop all day. We eloped (well more like we just didn’t tell anyone we were getting married) and it was one of the most perfect days of my life.

  6. My Mum had exactly that car – a kermit the frog green citroen! Maybe that’s her…..but seriously how romantic!! If i ever get married again….! :)

  7. Stop it right now with this! This entire elopement is perfection. Do it, Erin! Or, renew your vows on your 10 year anniversary.

  8. If you want to elope in Paris, just ask ;-) I’ll be blessed to perform and personalize your wedding.
    Just go and visit my website. I love my city and would be so glad to share a piece of it with you !

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