I Dare You

…to look at these photos and try to tell me they don’t make you wish for winter, just a little bit.


photos by Lovisa Lundgren

They are the most stunning winter landscapes I have ever seen. The blush pink light! The snow covering every single branch! Be still my tiny, Scandinavian-vampire heart.

20 thoughts on “I Dare You

  1. We watched a show on HGTV last night called Living Alaska. Hello. Sold. I love summer but I long for snow, no question. I’ll get there someday. One of those snowy places, I almost don’t care which.

    1. And here I was thinking I was up to date on all of HGTVs programming! I’ve never seen that show but I bet I’d love it :)

  2. I am definitely a kindred spirit, Erin! I love cold and snow (except driving in it). I can’t wait for sweaters, wool skirts, tights, scarves, boots, boots, boots!

    1. I don’t own a car (never have!) so I get to skip the frustration of having to drive in the snow, and go right to enjoying it. Bring on wooly sweaters and scarves! xo

  3. brrrrrr! but those photos sure are so stunning! how about if i watch you enjoy the snow from the window of whatever warm cabin must be near. i’ll give you lots of mimed “yay! this is so much fun” signals and nod vigorously about how pretty it is – because it is beautiful. so beautiful.

    1. Haha, that works for me. You can hand flap and smile at me while I roll around like a puppy in all that snow. xo

  4. Nope, nope nope. I like looking at snow, but I hate that it just turns to ice and I can’t do anything. Down here in Texas anyway.

    1. That might be your problem! Come experience a proper northeastern winter and then get back to me ;) xo

  5. This is so beautiful and when I see the photo I can’t wait to go snowboarding again but still hope that summer will be lingering around a little while longer. Meanwhile I already bought a fall coat I am dying to wear for the first time, so I might be ready for fall but not winter yet…

    1. I’ll take that compromise! Fall is a good ease-in to the colder months, but you can still be stylish with all the fall fashions. Like your new coat! I forgot you snowboarded! I’ll stop pushing winter on you and let you enjoy the rest of summer, promise. xo

  6. Yep, you had me at the first photo. “Why do you do this to me, Demi?” (Sorry, bad quote from The Exorcist.) Though, to be fair, I think I love snow because I live in a part of the world that doesn’t receive any and thus don’t have to fully live with it come winter time. Oh well, it’s still a fondness all the same.

    1. I’ve never seen The Exorcist! Can you believe it? It’s too scary for me, even though I know it’s a classic. Can’t do. That said, I’m reminded of a Daniel Tosh joke about someone from the midwest visiting southern Cali and saying, “I could never live here, I like seasons. I like season best.” And he says, “Yeah, me too, that’s why I live in a place that skips all the shitty ones.” ;) xo

  7. We have had the best summer here I can ever remember. It’s been about three months long so I’m happy to let it go, but please can we enjoy Autumn before we get to winter? I want all those autunmal colours and kicking leaves and boots boots boots (have two new pairs now) and jumpers. And if you skip autumn you’ll miss meeting me! Yeay!

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