Happy August(e)

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In honor of the first of the month, I had to share these adorable new designs from the gift shop at the Musée Rodin in Paris. The depiction of Auguste is just too cute for words. I got as far as entering my credit card information to order these when I noticed that the shipping alone was more than both the items cost (€41!! robbery!), so hopefully they’ll still be there whenever I make it back to Paris. Which needs to be soon, I’m having withdrawal symptoms.

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    1. I know! I was so happy when I saw that the US was even an option…and that quickly deflated, haha. xo

  1. oh my his cheeks are so cute! i can see why you were so close to purchasing this tee. i almost ordered bread from the poilain bakery in paris because i found out that the ship to the usa! the bread order online was pretty affordable, and then like you, i stopped because the shipping was more than the bread bc it has to be overnighted. le sigh, one day.

  2. so cute! i wish i could buy them too, but yikes, that shipping! shipping costs always get to me. for my shop i keep shipping to what it actually costs for me to send something and a little extra to cover packaging because it’s just one of my pet peeves in the world to find something i love, be willing to spend the money on it and then have to back out because of crazy shipping prices.

    well now you have one more reason to make it back to paris. xoxo

    1. I love that you do that! Sometimes I wonder how large companies can even charge what they do for shipping, they clearly have a deal with UPS/Fedex and yet I still get charged $11?? Bonkers. That’s why I try to order everything I can from places I get free shipping (Amazon, B&N, Zappos, etc). Or only buy things with a free shipping promotion. I’m glad you aren’t trying to gouge people! Though I’m not surprised, you’re too honest and kind. xo

  3. Those are TOO cute. But you’re right – for those shipping charges, you might as well fly over there and fetch them yourself

    1. Right?! That’s what I’m saying! I bought my mom a set of espresso cups and saucers from the Musée Rodin back in March as a belated birthday present. They have great stuff!! xo

    1. Ohhh man, seriously??! You would?! I’ll look into it! You doll, thank you for even offering! xo

    1. Haha, let’s do it!! I want to go back for a few months, too. And then a few months after that. So basically forever. xo

  4. That shipping cost is ridiculous, that’s about the same the items would cost you. Insane! Auguste is a pretty cute fellow so I can see why you would want to wear him or carry him around. Hope he will wait for your return to Paris…

    1. Isn’t he swell? The shirt is only available in kids sizes, but that’s fine! I’d totally put my kid in it one day. I can’t even handle the cuteness! xo

  5. The little shopper is perfect (this is bad news for me Erin, I am meant to be having my No Buy July in August – stop encouraging me!) If it’s cheaper to ship to England then send it over to me, I don’t mind popping it in the post for you.

    1. No Buy July! I love that! I was supposed to have one month like that this calendar year, buuuut I think we both know how that is going to pan out ;) Sorry if I encouraged you! Haha. You’re so sweet to offer to ship it to me! You and Sue, it must be something about English ex-pats with roots in Oz :) xo

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