Fall/Winter Basics



Sweater / Scarf / Boots
Sweater / Scarf / Boots
Sweater / ScarfBoots

In case you were curious: yes, I’m still on my winter kick. I cannot wait for boot season (even snow boot season!). Here are three sets of basics to get you through October to January in style. I had a pair of those cognac leather boots for three years before I finally wore them to death. It goes without saying that I’ll be purchasing another pair this fall. And if you live in the northeast like me and need good snow/rain boots, I cannot recommend those duck boots in the middle highly enough. I had to break them out yesterday during a torrential downpour, and I forgot how much I loved them since last winter. What are your winter staples?

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  1. I swear I’m getting myself a pair of those ankle boots that we looked at last year. I need to go dig up the info on them. And have you felt outside today (or is your weather like mine????)? Definitely October like!

  2. i am quite envious of all your opportunities to wear boots. there are about two weeks in florida when we can wear boots without sweating and i think i own enough boots to wear a different pair every day during those two weeks. that’s how much i love boots too. i have a gorgeous brown pair from italy similar to those cognac boots, except mine are in desperate need of a shine!

    1. Haha aww, well at least you’re prepared for when boot season does finally appear! We are pretty lucky up here to have 4 very defined seasons. I basically wear boots from mid-September to late November on the regular. xo

  3. I like ALL the sweaters you included – we must be on the same page because I have been doing exactly the same thing (fall shopping) this morning. Great minds think alike?

    1. Ha, clearly! I happened to pop into H&M yesterday to check out that gray sweater, and it’s a lot less cute in person. Pretty synthetic feeling, unfortch. :( xo

  4. It must have been the recent humidity in NY, because i’ve been eyeing off snow boots too. Going to finally commit to a pair of Sorel Tofinos in the new herringbone style… and i might already have a list of winter items for my black friday sale expedition…

    1. Ooh Sorels, good choice! I admire your preparedness for Black Friday. Girl with a plan getting things done! xo

  5. i think i like summer here because it’s the only season that has the chance to be different. it rains in the fall, in the winter and in the spring. the temperature can be the same in one season as the other. so winter generally means rains and maybe some very cold nights and mornings and by very cold i mean 32 degrees. i mean when it snows here, no matter how little, you go outside and act all giddy. if it snow here and sticks, the entire city shuts down – it’s not that common. basically it doesn’t take much to get us through the winter. a coat, the boots on the bottom right would suffice (though the middle ones would be awesome in the rain!) and some sweaters and scarves and such. and remember no umbrellas ;) but i have to admit, while i am not a fan of winter per se i am really missing the rain! i am getting ready for fall despite myself.

    1. Teehee, “very cold” at 32 degrees. How precious ;) It was in the low teens this past winter for over a week. My skin was chapped and I looked like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man waddling to and from the subway, but I loved every second of it. I’m convinced I’m actually part eskimo or something.

      I’ll try to remember to shun umbrellas when I come visit you. That is going to be a hard habit to break! I assume everyone wears hoods?? xo

  6. Erin, first of all, I love your new blog look. Very nice.

    Also, I love these round-up, especially the cream jumper. So snug looking.

  7. Even though I am not exactly embracing the colder weather, I do like the opportunity to wear slumpy loose knits and knee boots (they are my winter essentials too) – along with thermal leggings and winter socks. Those Steve Madden boots will be mine!

    1. Winter socks! I could write full books of poetry dedicated to my love of winter wooly socks. So snuggly, so deliciously warm. It’s good that you don’t like winter as you’re moving to a country that is an opposite seasonal calendar, so you get to skip it for a while! xo

  8. What beautiful boots. Makes me want autumn to begin. I wonder if I can find these boots in Finland where I live – they might not cope with our winters though.

    1. I usually have the opposite problem, Judy. Everything I love only ships within Europe most of the time! Ha. I think you’ll need something a little more sturdy in Finland, but I could be wrong ;) xo

  9. Yes to all items in your round up! I love all my boots and can’t wait to wear them. Duck boots are on my list for the coming fall/winter season. I am so sick and tired of ruining my shoes when walking to work through slush. Speaking of slush I am just not ready for snow and winter yet but the time will come…xo

    1. You have have have HAVE to invest in a pair of duck boots! Spring for the more expensive version with the gortex insulation. My feet are toasty warm and dry on my commute during the slushy, snowy weather now. I even use them in the rain! I love them so much. They somehow go with everything! xo

  10. Yeay winter boots how I love thee! I’ve already bought mine. I got some black riding boots.
    I love the first and last rows but I”m not sure about the duck boots. But I guess you need them with all that slush. I’ve just bought some new hunters for my errr summer holiday next week. Humph. x

    1. Ooh, black riding boots sound perfect. I’ve never had a pair of Hunter boots, but then again I’m partial to my duck boots. They feel like they’re getting the job done. Plus people wear Hunter boots here as a fashion statement (true story) regardless of if the weather is inclement. Have fun camping! xo

  11. Everything on this page is so effortlessly chic! Only you would still look cute in a downpour!

    1. Haha, hardly! I look like a drowned rat most of the time! But at least my shoes are cute. xo

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