One day, not that long ago, I went into Dunkin Donuts after having the biggest donut craving possible. I asked for a strawberry frosted donut, and as the man was bagging it up, I said, “…and maybe a powdered jelly, too.” You know, for later. And as he added that to the bag, I realized I was going to have to wait for the bus and thought it would be prudent to have a snack in case the bus took forever and I got hungry, so I said, “And can I have an extra strawberry frosted, too?” I paid for them with my head hung in shame and proceeded with my three donuts to the bus stop, where I ate one of the two strawberry frosted, and then exhausted every ounce of willpower I had on the bus ride home, repeating,”Don’t eat the other two right now, don’t eat the other two right now.” I succeeded! …And then I walked in the door of my house and inhaled the remaining two donuts. You know, just a simple 900 calorie snack.

My point is that I love donuts more than I should. So when I saw this new Kate Spade line my eyes popped out of my head and my stomach growled audibly. Turns out, there are a lot of donut-themed goodies out there. Because I wasn’t tempted enough already.


1. Sweatshirt / 2. Cushion / 3. Watch / 4. Earrings / 5. Headphones / 6. Coin Purse / 7. Flask / 8. Flats / 9. Inflatable Pool Tube

24 thoughts on “Donuts

  1. I am an absolute sucker for cake donuts (I know, it’s controversially not a real donut) – and there is no shame in eating three at once. At least you paced yourself, right?

    1. Is it a cake shaped like a donut? Totally counts, in my book! I managed to pace myself, magically, but I was still ashamed, haha. xo

  2. haha, your story made me laugh, i do the same thing but sadly not with donuts anymore. i used to love donuts, not often, but you know, once in awhile when you get that donut craving and you have to have a donut – that’s when they taste best. i love a good old fashioned maple bar or just the glazed ones. when i was a kid it was powered sugar all the way. – love the donut sweatshirt!

    1. Nothing tastes as good as when you have a huge hankering for it! I once at the best slice of American cheese known to man, because I’d been craving it for an entire day. American cheese! Of all things! Glazed donuts are delicious, and way less messy than their powdered counterparts, haha. xo

  3. I like the jam krispy kreme. They are like traditional British jam doughnuts on acid. I feel a bit ill afterwards with all that sugar and gloop so no idea how you could eat two.
    Happy birthday jamal! x

    1. Three! Not two. I wish it had been two. Krisy Kremes are they’re own breed of deliciousness, I don’t often indulge in them (they’re smaller and more expensive than Dunkin, and you know I like getting my money’s worth, haha), but those sound amazing.
      Jamal says thanks!! xo

  4. That’s a lot of doughnut fun! I do love doughnuts, krispy kreme with jam and icing or just dusted. But they are bit sick. My favourite must be the Polish ones with rose petal jam, they are so delicious I could fly back just to have one. There is a big buzz about a cronut lately, have you had one?

    1. Rose petal jam?? I have to try one of those! That would be worth the airfare to Poland alone. I’ve never had a cronut, they haven’t made their way to Philly yet. They’re too busy taking nyc by storm! Nina did send me a virtual cronut when I was having a bad day last week. I might have to have her send me a real one! xo

  5. Dang, that’s a lot of doughnut! My dad gets here tomorrow, so we’ll splurge on a box of Krispy Kreme. I am plain and simple when it comes to my doughnuts. I like them heated up for exactly 9 seconds in the microwave, so that they’re slightly warm.

    Once of the nicest days of our summer was just at the start when I took Cal and his two best buds to school to pick up their report cards. It was National Doughnut Day, so KK was giving away free doughnuts. I surprised the boys by stopping by on the way home. THAT made them smile!

    1. Exactly 9 seconds! You’re precise, I like it. The only donuts I’ve had warm were Federal Donuts from here in Philly (we’ll go the next time you come up. They are insane!) and they were still hot from the oven when someone at work brought 3 dozen in. Took everything I had not to eat the entire box. I was good and only ate half of one!

      National Donut Day??? HOW DID I MISS THIS?! xo

  6. Yep, I have been there too. I can’t be trusted to buy sugar – because I only permit myself to eat sugar once a week, I gorge. Thank goodness donuts are not my weakness (sweet pastry is though and that’s just as bad). My favourite of your picks is the inflatable pool tube!

    1. You have the willpower of a saint! I can’t imagine limiting myself to sugar once a week. As it is I limit it to once a day, usually a giant spoonful of speculoos butter straight from the jar to my gob. xo

  7. the inflatable pool doughnut with a bite out of it is so cute! and i’m also drooling over the kate spade doughnut bracelet with frosting – too perfect. and don’t feel any shame – i’m more of a krispy kreme doughnut kind of girl (do they have those in philly?) and i could definitely eat three of their classic (klassic?) glazed doughnuts in one sitting if steven ever allowed me to buy more than one. it’s so great that he has a sweet tooth too so that we can share all our desserts, but he has more self control than normal people do. he stops at one doughnut… you and i stop at three.

    1. That Kate Spade line is really adorable, right? They have such fun, funky designs! They definitely have Krispy Kreme in Philly. You can buy them at 7-11 or at supermarkets in the bakery department, and I know we have at least a few stand alone stores. There was one near my house that closed, which I was actually thankful about because the temptation was always too great ;)
      You’re lucky Steven has a sweet tooth! Jamal does not at all, so I’m usually eating dessert solo. I can maybe force one bite on him, but it’s rare! xo

  8. PS. this is my first free minute to visit my favorite blogs and i just noticed your new header! i love it! i love the classic serif font and the black ink spot.

    1. Thanks, girl!! I’m always messing it with it, haha. But I was going for simplicity this time! Glad you like it!! xo

  9. Hmm donuts! The Kate Spade flats are right up my alley. I would probably have a hard time to to take a bite out of any of the shown items if I was very hungry. A couple of years ago I bought some donut Christmas ornaments at Urban Outfitters. We all need more donuts in our lives…xo

    1. I think I have you to thank for this post. Ever since you Instagrammed that cronut I’ve had a hankering for more donuts! :) Those Christmas ornaments sound adorable. I might have to get a couple for our tree this year. My best friend bought me a macaron ornament last year that I can’t wait to hang! xo

  10. Love your willpower! :) We’ve got a new donut place out our way called, Sidecar Donuts. They make donuts such as salted caramel with bacon bits on top. Wha….? You know, just in case your donut didn’t already have enough calories. Who knew there were so many donut themed items?! Clearly, the donut is making a comeback. Cute!

    1. Haha I would hardly use the word ‘willpower’ in relation to this story ;) Sidecar Donuts sounds like heaven! Salted caramel AND BACON? Yeah. Do you think you could ship me a few of those? Please and thank you, haha. xo

  11. When a craving comes, it just doesn’t go anywhere, and none of the ‘tricks’ ever work for me… you know, ‘eat a small square of dark chocolate’ or ‘smell a bottle of vanilla essence’ or ‘drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes’…. no, no, no, I want a damn doughnut.

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