Crystallized Books

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Artist Alexis Arnold turns books into dazzling crystallized sculptures. She says they create a “commentary on the peril of the printed book,” and that the “crystals remove the text and transform the books into aesthetic, non-functional objects, leaving the stories to remain as memories.” Okay, but to me they look like rock candy, which means my usual appetite for books has taken on a whole new dimension.

11 thoughts on “Crystallized Books

  1. Oh wow that looks like it should take a thousand years to look like that. A bit like the lichen I’m trying to grow on my Chinese dog which is taking forever. glad you’re back fighting fit sweetie xx

  2. Wow! They’re stunning! Just gorgeous. They’d make pretty bookends on a library shelf, I wager. And yes, rock candy, thumbs up! Hope you’re smiling some today…XOXO

  3. what a stunning little find you found. these are just so beautiful. couldn’t do that with a kindle now could ya? (in my mind i gather images to use in my public service announcement i am going to make when i am a bajillionaire about reading paper books – i’ll use this. no i won’t because none of that will ever happen. but it’s fun to pretend).

  4. You know those quartz and crystal objects (for the home) that are all the rage right now? This version is so much better! ;)

  5. Hm.

    These remind me of the fake glitter snow on Christmas decorations.

    As objects, meh. As candy…YES PLEASE. Gives new meaning to the phrase “devour a book”. HRRRRRRNG wah-wahhhhhhh.

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