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One of the most iconically Parisian cafés, Café de Flore was an St-Germain old haunt for the likes of Hemingway, Sartre, Camus, and countless other creatives and intellectuals. Opened in 1885, it’s one of the oldest and most famous cafés in the city. I’ve never been. How is this possible? I recently learned they have a small boutique just up the street from the café entrance, where they sell official cups and saucers, tea pots, and other essentials. Needless to say, this will be an important stop on my next trip back.

I know that realistically, there is no perfect spot in which to write. You either write well anywhere or not at all. There isn’t a magical seat in the world where some creative vortex opens and voila, your book pops out at you, complete and perfect. I know that. But it doesn’t mean I can’t daydream about sitting at a table under the cream awning in the early morning chill of a quiet spring day, scribbling away furiously having been divinely inspired by the ghosts of writers past, ordering cup after cup of tea and basking in my own genius. Une fille peut rêve.

21 thoughts on “Café de Flore

    1. You know, we might have gone in accidentally on our jambon et fromage sandwich tour of Paris that trip. xo

    1. I think it might just be coffee? If you want a cup of melted chocolate, go to Angelina in Paris. Their chocolate chaud is basically melted chocolate. It’s insane. xo

    1. Jealous! This place and Les Deux Magots are on my must-see list next time around. I need to soak up all those Hemingway/Fitzgerald vibes :) xo

  1. i wish i had teletransportation powers. whenever someone asks “what super power do you wish you had?” and they say anything other than that they lose a little credibility with me. how could one not wish more than anything to be able to travel whenever they wanted wherever they wanted? unless they wanted healing powers then i would have a lot of respect for them but i’d probably feel too ashamed of my selfish desire to be friends because i would still want to be able to teleport. anyway, if i had said super powers i’d go there asap.

    1. I absolutely wish for teleportation. Do you know how expensive flights to Europe are? Psh, if I didn’t have to pay through the nose and could just beam myself there in the blink of an eye, my life would be 100000% more exciting. Right? Having a bad day? ZING! Now you’re in France. xo

    1. I knowwww, I want to have tile like that in my home somewhere. And then I think about trying to keep the grout clean and…nevermind. xo

  2. Dude. I know I’m the “harsh on Paris” guy here, but that café is SO packed with tourists that all of it’s charm has been pretty much removed. People wear bumbags in there. And puffy white Nikes.

    (Also, they do the melted chocolate there, and served in a little pewter pot to mix with the hot milk. It’s one of their specialities. Fuggin WELL rich.)

    I love how ALL my comments bag on poor Paris. Ha!

    1. Hahah, but it’s good that you play devil’s advocate for me! Because you’ve actually lived there, you have an honest, first-hand experience of the place that I only see through rose-colored vacation glasses (which make everything prettier and more fantastic, as you know). Guess I’ll be avoiding Café de Flore save for an exterior photo? I had fun finding local cafés in whichever neighborhood we were staying in, they’re more authentic and cozy. xo

  3. Gorgeous photos! At first glance, I thought the first photo was taken by you. Then, I noticed the make of the cars outside. ;) Cafe writing in Paris does sound dreamy; Nevermind if it’s actually a conducive writing environment.

    1. Ooh, I wish I could claim credit! Haha, shucks, should have photoshopped those cars out and kept up the charade ;) Yeah I don’t know how much I’d get accomplished (there are macarons and croissants to eat and pictures to take!) but it’s fun to pretend! xo

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