A Farmhouse in Sweden







This Swedish farmhouse southeast of Malmö is for sale for just over $1.2 million (7.9 million kronor). A small price to pay for absolute perfection, I think (though I’d love it even more if it I could pick up the house and move it 1,000 miles north to the top of Sweden, obviously). The combination of white and pale stone everywhere is so beautiful, not to mention the white floors upstairs and the catwalk under the attic. I can’t tell what my favorite piece is; maybe that blue painting in the living room. It’s rare that I find a home where I wouldn’t change a single thing, but this is definitely an exception.

10 thoughts on “A Farmhouse in Sweden

    1. Hahahah is THAT what that is?? I guess it doesn’t speak highly of my ability to be a mother one day if I can’t even identify a baby carriage. Oops. I totally thought that was a vintage piece of some kind. Sigh. xo

  1. i love a swedish summer cottage. at the mere mention i get all foggy and dreamy. i love the bedroom and the kitchen and ALL the artwork but i think i’d have to change out the furnishings in the other rooms. but i’d keep the duck for sure ; )

  2. Fortunately the attic is the attic and I don’t need to worry about it (other than sending guest up there) because that cat walk FREAKS ME OUT. Also, I feel a little worried about low ceilings, but I’m just going to assume that’s a trick of the camera. Otherwise? Perfection. Those Swedish know how to do it right.

  3. The home has a really lovely patina to it. All white, yet not pristine, and I love the touches of black. (I’m giggling at Annie’s comment.) Nice find, Erin.

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