Two of a Kind

It has been entirely too long since I did one of these (6 months, in fact. yikes!) and my friend Aisling asked specifically, so I couldn’t very well let her down.


1. Rug / 2. Mug / 3. Skirt / 4. Umbrella

Have you guys heard of Kate Spade’s new brand Saturday? That’s where both the mug and skirt came from for this set. They have some of the cutest, funkiest stuff over there. Scarves, notebooks, customizable weekend bags. Patterns galore, which aren’t necessarily my cup of tea (or multi-colored striped mug, in this case), but still totally works for the purposes of this Two of a Kind. See more here.

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14 thoughts on “Two of a Kind

  1. I love all of the colors! To bring more color in my life, I’ve been trying desperately to purchase more colorful clothing to add to my all black wardrobe. Goth at heart because of my old hair styling days!

    1. Haha, I hear you. My wardrobe is totally black, gray, or navy. With stripes, too, for good measure. I inherited that from my dad, who was allergic to color. xo

    1. Ha, I’m game! Jamal keeps telling me to be a real estate agent or interior designer, haha, this could be a good test! xo

  2. Yay! Thank you! I missed this series.

    This is A LOT of color for you!!!

    I adore the water color prints, and how cute is that umbrella?!?

    1. Haha, of course! You inspired me to get back into it, so thanks! That umbrella is from H&M, I’m sure you could find it pretty easily if you wanted it. xo

  3. i was just thinking yesterday about this series and how fun it was. glad to see it back :)

    i have to admit i have never been a fan of kate spade. so much talent in the world and she got to be this giant famous designer i just never understood it. i love the umbrella but did you know we don’t use umbrellas in portland? it’s like an unspoken rule around here. natives mock those who use umbrellas – so i have never owned one :( but if i could own one, i think i might own that one. or i have always wanted one of the clear plastic ones that you can stand half your body in.

    1. Aw, yay! I hear you, Kate Spade’s regular line stuff is so….boring? Just regular bags with not much flair or anything. Her Saturday line is way more fun and I can see why it would be popular. I’m so curious as to why Portlanders don’t use umbrellas! Why?? Do you wear hooded rain coats? What if your bag gets wet? I couldn’t live without my umbrella. Promise you won’t laugh at me when I come visit and carry one? Good. xo

    1. Summery and colorful. The two go hand in hand (which explains perhaps why I don’t like summer OR color…) xo

  4. Ooooh perfect summer goodies. That brolly would be the perfect accessory for me and would stand out from the sea of black brollies that everyone has in London. I’m really intrigued by Christine’s comment – why don’t they use brollies in Portland? Does everyone wear rain ponchos? I’m going to have to google that one.

  5. Yay two of a kind is back! Love all the items, although at first I thought the rug was a pillow and got all excited. The umbrella is so cute and would bring some color into the sea of black umbrellas you always see floating through New York on a rainy day. Umbrellas in a crowded city always make for dangerous encounters, I cannot count how many times people have almost poked out my eyes or hit me in the face with their umbrellas. Maybe this is why they don’t like to use umbrellas in Portland?

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