photo / quote from Richard Holmes

I came across this quote in an essay by Stacy Schiff in, you guessed it, “Paris Was Ours” and laughed out loud. Every sort of creative understands the guilt associated with not spending your entire day producing something or working towards your artistic goal. I think in Paris I could forgive myself.

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  1. i love paris in four months! although many of the photos can sometimes look the same… i never ever get sick of seeing them.

    1. I love her photos, too, and I envy that she followed her dream and moved to Paris on a whim! But now she’s in Rome on vacation and I’m sorry, but I wish she’d go back to posting about Paris, not Italy. Oh well. xo

  2. There is nothing to be ashamed of in enjoying yourself, nobody can work all the time. Especially if your in Paris. But I know the guilty feeling oh so well, when I could be working on something in the house or my upholstery projects but instead I veg on the couch or watch mindless TV. Oh, well that so does not compare to Paris. Sigh… xo

    1. Haha, yes! Especially on the weekends, which is the only time I really have to focus on writing, I’ll feel bad for sleeping late or procrastinating by cleaning the bathtub, or going out, or something. Mindless TV is my during-the-week guilty pleasure, haha. xo

  3. I think there is always a certain amount of guilt associated with not actually doing any work when you are supposed to (I feel guilty when I take a day off sick). I totally agree with Nina, nobody can work all the time and in fact, I think taking regular breaks and actually enjoying yourself can make you far more productive. Enjoy day dreaming about Paris. x

    1. I feel guilty for taking sick days, too!! I rarely do, I’ll muddle on through and go to work sick, but a few months ago I did take two consecutive days off and I wouldn’t let myself feel guilty about it. It was an uphill battle! xo

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