I’m guest-posting over at today, the incredible blog for all things museum-related. I’m sharing the sad saga of the American Folk Art Museum in New York. Not sure when it will go-live, but I’m really proud to be featured on such an important site. Promise you’ll check it out? 

It’s live!


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  1. Congrats Erin! I will catch up on all your posts tomorrow, it has been a crazy busy two weeks for me…

  2. I tried to comment and, like some others, got the WP bird. Anyway, here’s what I wanted to say: Wonderfully written post! I’m so vested in this story now and very interested to see how it all turns out. I would love to see the AMAF become a part of the MoMA. The museum in a museum concept sounds like the best solution. Hopefully, the powers that be can make it happen, and no demolishing is necessary.

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