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I don’t even eat McDonald’s in America, and yet something about the French menu is pretty intriguing. How much fun is it to say “Le Croque McDo”?? I know it’s probably sacrilege to go to Paris and eat at McDonald’s, but if I don’t tell anyone, will it count? McBAGUETTE.

Cue Annie telling me this is horrid in 3, 2, 1…

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  1. I’m sorry, but it might be worth going to McDonald’s here in America (we don’t go either, although, their fries? yes) just to say, “Le Croque McDo.”


    1. Haha, something tells me the average employee at a McDonald’s here would think you were having a Tourette’s episode if you did that! I kind of want to do that now! xo

  2. can i tell you it’s horrid too? it does sound better in french . . . but no. no, no, no, no. non. we have a “fast food” place here in the northwest (washington / idaho / oregon) that is amazing. it’s all organic, grass fed meat, sustainable all that good portlandy stuff. their fries are the best, fresh fruit seasonal shakes, grilled asparagus, salmon and hazelnut salads (they even have gluten free buns!), it is yummy. so with that i am never tempted by other fast food joints – i wonder if i would be without them? if i ever move from here i am pretty certain it’s the thing i would miss the most.

    1. Haha, well if that’s your basis for ‘fast food’ no wonder this seems objectionable! I can’t blame you. It sounds amazing. All fast food should have that kind of care! Gluten free! Hormone free! Free range! I love it. It sounds a bit like Chipotle, but I don’t really like their food. Must be my unrefined taste buds, but I prefer dirty Mexican fast food. Shame on me :( xo

  3. Oh now I feel ‘horrid’- I’m a bit of a fast food junkie…at least I can be at times. I am sure I’d be lining right up for that McBaguette :-)

    1. Haha, don’t feel bad! I seriously want to try this. The McDonald’s I’ve seen in Paris have neat ordering systems too, you can do touch-screen ordering! The McBaguette KILLED me. xo

  4. It’s horrid! No, really, I don’t care. I don’t have a problem with Macdonalds because at least they have a bit of conscious, unlike Burger King and KFC. But that ham doens’t look much like it came from a pig does it?
    I think what I don’t get is why they would go to France and make French food. why not just sell what MacDonald’s does so well?
    We went to the theatre last month and had about 15 minutes to get some food so we went to McD’s. I haven’t been there I reckon in ten years. And you know what? It was aweseome. I’d forgotten how good those little cheeseburgers and salty fries are. I could totes eat that now. But why would I buy that fromage and jamon baguette in Paris rather than a real one, unless of course it’s catering to Americans abroad….

    1. :D I figured if anyone would draw judgement on a McBaguette, it would be you. I haven’t had Mickey D’s (as we call it here) in years and years, ever since seeing Food, Inc. The French McDonald’s has the full menu of normal food, like Big Macs and fries and stuff, but you can get cherry tomatoes as a side, big salads, and obviously, the Le Croque McDo. I think I’ve read somewhere that McDonald’s in other countries tend to adopt some of the local cuisine and try to incorporate it in. Wonder what one would be like in Russia or somewhere! xo

    1. No way!! That’s amazing and ridiculous all at once. I wonder how they taste compared to the usual suspects. Did you try any?? xo

  5. That ‘ham’ looks like Spam! I haven’t been to McD in over 10 years, probably after seeing Supersize Me but I had a sneaky hot dog at Ikea and it was good. Bread is sooo good in France why on earth would anyone buy this stuff? X

    1. Do you guys have Lunchables over there? That’s what the ham above reminds me of, round, slippery meat-composite slices. Probably not the most appetizing description, and yet I still want to try it! I agree with you though, baguettes are €1 each, why wouldn’t you just go for one of those?! xo

  6. Whenever my friend and I go out drinking and I need some sustenance, she always asks, “Do we need to stop at MacDo for you?” because she knows how much I love McDonalds when drinking, and how the French call McDonalds “MACDO”. I. Just. Love it.

    1. Hahahah I call it “Macdo” too! Of course. We are francophile twins :) I haven’t had it in years and years, but I think I could make an exception for the French version. Mais oui! xo

  7. I have to admit I am a bit of a fast food junkie, can’t resist french fries with mayo and do eat the occasional Big Mac, or as the French call it Le Big Mac ;) The McBaguette would be something I would try too. Your post reminded me of the conversation in Pulp Fiction where they talk about what the French and maybe the rest of Europe calls the Quarter Pounder, it’s the Royale with cheese…

    1. Yes! I was tempted to reference that scene from Pulp Fiction in this post. A Royale with cheese, haha. I’m a big fan of fries with mayo, especially spicy mayo the way Belgians do it. My dad always ate fries with mayo, and I don’t have much of a taste for ketchup. Like, at all. xo

  8. Don’t hate on the McD’s…when you’re hungover it does something magical that NOTHING else can do!!! it’s the only time McD’s makes you feel like a million bucks…I think it’s kind of like adderall…when you don’t have a problem you’re on hyper speed but when you do have a problem you feel normal…it’s like the latter when you’re hungover! haha It’s going to call your name after a long parisian night filled with lots and lots of wine!! That McBaguette will set you right!

    1. Hahaha, that’s a great analogy! And don’t even get me started on their breakfast. I am seemingly never awake in time for it or near enough a McDonald’s to enjoy it anymore, but OH MY GOD their hash browns. And orange juice. Did you know I hate OJ but will always drink it from McD’s? They do something amazing to it, I swear. I cannot wait to try a McBaguette!! xo

  9. I HATE McDonalds. Like seriously, I am one of those people that wait outside and then give people dirty looks when they come out with their sweet weird smelling fake food. So that’s why I am cringing to admit this but when I was in Paris, I struggled so much with the language, I just wanted to go somewhere where I recognised words and McDonalds was it. I found the difference between theirs and ours staggering with the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee – more like a bakery than anything else. I hasten to add that I ordered le jambon fromage, that’s acceptable right?

    1. Haha, don’t feel bad! McDonald’s here is the epitome of dirty fast food, which is fine in certain situations but isn’t worth the horrible stomach ache it would give me. For some reason though, McDonald’s in France seems to be an entirely different undertaking. They have enormous salads and fruit and veggie side options, and, of course, twists on classic French cuisine. I’m absolutely going to try them when I get back over there. No judgment! xo

  10. Back in my teenage years, when we went to Asia, McDonalds was pretty much all I ate because a) we knew it would be hygienic and b) I could order from the menu. Everywhere else I couldn’t read the menus and my mom was deathly afraid of us getting food poisoning. Funny how McDonalds was the safe choice, right?

    1. That’s so funny! I mean, that’s half of McDonalds’ appeal: that chicken mcnuggets will taste the same in Asia as in California, etc. You know what you’re going to get. Too bad you missed out on other authentic food when you were over there, but I guess the fear of food poisoning would push me right to something known and safe, too! xo

  11. SO much fun to say.

    I actually thought this was a joke when I seen it first. I don’t know how accurate her sources were but our French teacher told us that France was the only place in the world a McDonalds has ever gone out of business.

    1. Hah, right? I could chant it all day long! That wouldn’t surprise me about a McDonald’s going out of business. If any country takes their food seriously enough to shun a fast food chain, it would be France.

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