Happy 4th!


Happy Independence Day! I suppose it’s just a little bit un-patriotic to post a Parisian-esque picture on such an important day in American history, but I’ll have you know that photo was taken right here in Philly (the city where the nation’s independence was officially declared) at my favorite restaurant outside of Paris, Parc. Today is also my 3rd anniversary with Jamal, and I can think of no more fitting honor than fireworks and a day off from work (though the vintage New Kids on the Block sweatshirt he got me is pretty spectacular, too). Happy anniversary to the best guy I could hope for, the absolute greatest guy to have in my corner, the kind of guy who knows the way to my heart is to buy an NKOTB sweatshirt and tickets to the ballet and a book about Paris. Take that, America.

11 thoughts on “Happy 4th!

  1. Just lovely sweetness! Happy Anniversary to you both! You’re so smart to schedule it on a holiday, although Neel (my very own JAMAL) is at work playing tons of catch-up. Kisses to you both. Mwah.

  2. Today is your anniversary so that means you can post about anything you’d like! It’s totally okay if you’re being so un-American right now, I am guilty of that all the time. Tickets to the ballet too? So wonderful! Kinda jealous (there are no good ballets here, it’s been a long time sine i’ve seen one) and I hope you enjoy!!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary to my daughter and future son in law. JAMAL is so much more than those three little words.

  4. happy anniversary! that is a good day to make it official – fireworks, no work, picnics . you guys are so smart. and i love that he got you a nkotb sweatshirt – if you ever had an inkling of doubt that he loves you beyond all else in the world i think you could officially put it to rest now ; ) ps i love that photo and it does look so parisian! xoxo

  5. Yeay happy anniversary to you and JAMAL! Hope you kids had a fab day xxx
    No comment on the sweatshirt!

  6. Happy {belated} Fourth of July and third anniversary! My cousin was wearing his vintage NKOTB tee shirt on the Fourth and I thought of you every time I saw him that day.
    PS~Love that photo! Yep, you had me fooled.

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