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When we were in Paris in March I made a beeline for the Diptyque store on the Avenue Victor Hugo one afternoon, unaware that Jamal was taking me to Colette later in the day to pick up a Diptyque Rose Duet candle and Huiles Précieuses he’d ordered for Valentine’s Day. I left the store with a mini Baies bougie, and he didn’t even say anything or try to talk me out of it. That, my friends, is a good man. I now have more Diptyque products than I will ever need (this is a good problem to have) so I likely won’t have an excuse to go back to the store anytime soon.

However, once I saw these photos of the Diptyque store on Bleecker Street in New York, designed by British designer Christopher Jenner, I started to doubt my decision. Look at that interior! The chandelier is made of empty candle jars and the walls out of 180 hand painted mirrors. As a certified Crazy Candle Lady, I can safely say that store is one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen.

19 thoughts on “Diptyque

    1. Have you seen the book “Paris vs. New York”? It’s great! Sums up your crisis perfectly. xo

  1. i want to know what the walls are but it’s hurting my eyes to keep looking. it’s so shiny! i love the light fixture and, oh, i bet it smells marvelous in there. sadly i am still a diptyque virgin. someday. someday.

    1. So shiny indeed! They are hand-painted mirrors! Apparently detailing historical moments and landmarks in France and America? I don’t know, I can’t stare too long at them either. Treat yo’self to a mini Diptyque to get your toes wet, I promise you’ll be sold. Maybe when I live in Paris you can come visit and we’ll go Diptyque shopping together!! xo

  2. you know what… i actually don’t love it… don’t kill me or anything crazy! i just think the store looks so disconnected from the brand… their packaging is so classic & pristine & the store… meh… not so much! still love the figgy candle though! :)

    1. Yuk I hate the figgy one. And we had lavender last time and it was like disinfectant. Eugh. I’m going back to orangerie and roses!

        1. I’ve only had Rosamundi, Rose Duet, and now Baies. So I’m definitely stuck on the florals and fruits! xo

    2. Totally fine! I would hate it if everyone automatically loved everything I posted without any dissenting opinions. Things would get boring very quickly! I definitely see where you’re coming from, and I had thought that the store in Paris was so much more bland in comparison to this one, but that’s part of your point isn’t it? The stores there are very simple and quiet, which, yes, definitely highlights the candles more and parallels their simplicity and elegance. I think this store, the New York one, is just a great space. Whether or not it fits Diptyque, that’s a good question! xo

  3. Ha! Rooth is right! You’d a thunk we’d planned or something. Hmmm…I like the store, but I get Sue’s point. It does seem disconnected to the clean lines of their brand.

    I went to the Diptyque on Avenue VH too! AND! I chose my candles in FRENCH. Proud of myself, I was. And then he slipped a sample of Philosykos eau de toilette and now I MUST. HAVE. SOME.

    First world problems.

    1. Yeah, Sue makes a very good point! I kind of agree, I love the space itself and think it’s beautiful, but it could sell anything and I’d love it. It isn’t very “Diptyque-esque.”

      You got samples??! No one gave me samples at that store and I ordered in French and everything! Le sigh. Go and buy that eau de toilette right now. Right now I say! xo

      1. Maybe they’re pushing new scents? I don’t know. I’m sure your ordering in French was WAY better than MY ordering in French! ;) I will order some. As soon as I use up the lovely scent I snapped up at the Duty Free. I have a tradition of trying something new from the DF each time we travel, but I’ll probably ask for the Diptyque for Christmas. :)

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