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I vacillate pretty regularly between wanting a stark, sleek all-white modern home, and something that looks like this. My dad’s apartment was stuffed with books and paintings (though it resembled the middle picture more than the other two) and while I know they’re a magnet for dust and a fire hazard and a total pain to move in heavy boxes, nothing is more attractive to me than thousands of books stacked against one wall (or three, or four). I don’t think I could live without having the overwhelming urge to dust everything, but right about now I want to curl into the top photo and stay there for a while.

9 thoughts on “Crowded

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I love books. I love reading. We have bookshelves full, but those rooms make me twitchy. Too much.

    Maybe I’m more minimal than I thought.

  2. i think these are perfection… just not sure if i could live in them… maybe if i had one little secret room that was allowed to overspill…

  3. these spaces looks magical! i think a bookshelf says so much about someone. these places would tell A LOT, considering how many books there are!

  4. Love these images. I’m with you, I swing between wanting a warm, lived-in look to wanting a home that is minimal and organized. (The former is winning.) I will always make room for books and favorite periodicals. They’re just part of the decoration at this point. As Little T said, “[Books are] the only kind of clutter I can handle.”

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