An Apartment in Saint-Germain






For a slim $2.5 million, this 870 sq. ft. apartment in Saint-Germain could be yours. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, and gets tons of sunlight from its 13 windows with three different exposures. I love the pale wood floors and the tiny bedroom with ceiling beams. The gray, cream, and lavender color palate is pretty fantastic. One day.

28 thoughts on “An Apartment in Saint-Germain

  1. Ha! I love it how no furniture and photos can make 870 sq. feet look HUGE! There is so, so much to love about this place. J’adore! But. At the risk of sounding like one of our least favorite House Hunters International characters, that kitchen is going to need a complete overhaul. ;)

      1. Thank you for telling me! It all looked fine from my end, so I had no idea! I prefer sans-serif anyway ;)

    1. That bedroom is teeny tiny, but I adore it. That little nook above the bed is so smart; I’m telling you, small spaces necessitate smart design choices! When can we move in??

      We watched House Hunters International last night, and a couple was moving to Austria and kept complaining that their king size sleigh bed wouldn’t fit in any of the rooms. I cursed so much at the tv. Oops. xo

    1. Haha, this reminds me of the car insurance commercial with the guy who is so overconfident he tries to tell the man juggling chainsaws to toss him one. “I got this, give me one. I got this.” :) xo

  2. My flat is only 740sq ft so this is positivitly palatial. I like the windows. Total rip off though, $2.4m? seriously???

    1. Mine is 1700sqft and I would trade it in a heartbeat! I’d take an outdoor space, though, preferably. Maybe a tiny balcony. xo

  3. if you, me, and all of your readers split it, we could all share it, right? we could reserve different dates and all have a place to stay when we travel! we could totally make this happen!

    1. I LOVE the way you think!! Let’s get on this. If we each ponied up $200k…we’d need 12 of us to make this work. Also $200k, but that’s just details ;) xo

    1. I 10000% agree! It could look a lot worse, and it would still be fantastic because of the location! Haha xo

  4. ha! i can spot a fellow lives-in-a-place-with-terrible-natural-light dweller when you say something like “13 windows with three different exposures.” this place is dreamy. the windows, floors, beams. sigh.

    1. Ohh yes. From one to another, I commiserate! Let’s just move to Paris, shall we? xo

    1. Oh gosh. I hope this apartment is on a high floor to work off all the croissants I’d eat every day! xo

  5. That living room with windows on three sides is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Since one of you guys is clearly snapping this place up, thanks to the great price, maybe we can do an apartment swap for vacation sometime. Trading Paris with New Jersey. I can’t see anything wrong with that ;) xo

    1. Haha, I think that would be an even trade ;) It’s basically my goal in life to have an apartment in Paris, especially one with this many windows! xo

  6. I was going to say it’s unusual to see something so spacious in Paris… but for that price-tag, it makes a little more sense.

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