Friday was a good day. We had stinky bleu cheese and baguette for dinner, I bought and blazed through Maria Semple’s “Where’d You Go Bernadette?” (finishing it after a mere 8 hours combined over the weekend. I highly recommend it!), and I finally found peonies. I found them! And I spent the majority of the weekend photographing them and staring at them lovingly. The light in our all-white guest room (slash my writing room) is unbelievable in the mid-afternoon, so I snuck down there yesterday and had a mini photoshoot with these beauties. Yes, they smell as gorgeous as they look. I actually had a hard time leaving the house (this morning included) because I really don’t want to miss them opening and becoming even more beautiful. That’s not weird.

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    1. You’re so welcome! If it were possible, I’d start every week with peonies! How lovely would that be?? xo

  1. The peonies that we have growing in our yard have, thus far, been a great disappointment to me. They’re young. One doesn’t bloom at all (ahem). The other two get one bloom apiece, but at the first whiff of a gentle breeze or a droplet of rain they droop so despairingly that you want to run out and up their prozac.

    I’m going to need to order in.

    1. This is what I’ve been hearing from everyone who grows them in their yard. My mom and aunt’s peony bushes produced maybe a flower between them. And when I was carrying the bouquet home, a lady stopped me and commented on how beautiful they were and said that her son tried to bring a few blooms in from the bush in his front yard, and found they were crawling with bugs! Gross! Definitely order in. xo

  2. what a bouquet! those are so gorgeous. i am now feeling an uncontrollable urge to go out and buy a giant bouquet of peonies. the pictures are just so pretty too. i love the lighting. xoxo

    ps the peonies at my place are looking like lauren’s. they are just drooping on the ground it’s so sad :(

    1. It’s been such a hot spring so far, so said the lady at the florist where I bought these, that growing them outside has been impossible. Their delivery of peonies was a week late because the heat prevented them from growing properly! How sad! I’m extremely grateful I was able to snag these. They make me happy every day. xo

  3. I was seriously devastated when I found out peonies were out of season for my August wedding – they’re the prettiest!! Love the colors of your arrangement here!

    1. I can imagine! My friend Marla had them in her bouquet, but she was married around Memorial Day, so it worked out perfectly! Very jealous as they won’t be in season for my fall wedding next year! xo

  4. Beautiful pictures of my favourite flowers! I have five peony plants and every year wait impatiently for them to open. My wedding bouquet was white peonies. X

    1. That sounds so beautiful! You lucky thing. Are your peonies in your garden blooming this year? It might be a US thing, but everyone I know with peonies in their yard/garden is having the worst luck! xo

  5. No worries – I finally tracked down some peonies too. After all of the beautiful photos on the blog-osphere and the fact that they have such a short window of beauty I really wanted them to grace my home this year. Peonies in an all white room sounds like pure bliss. Can I come over this time next year? I’d like to make a reservation for 2 in the white room – peonies complimentary?

    1. J was stunned when he overheard the florist saying they only have a 3 week window in the whole year. I think he understood finally why I was so obsessed with getting them when I could! I’ll jot you down in my reservation book, but I warn you: you might wake up to me typing away furiously from my writing desk! ;) xo

  6. Aw, they’re gorgeous! You picked a good bundle and got some great shots. Well, here’s something I’m embarrassed to admit. I just learned recently learned that I was pronouncing the name of this flower all wrong. I’ve been saying, pee-OH-nees when in actuality it’s pee-UH-nees. (Does that make sense?) And I’m pretty sure it’s not a toe-may-toe … toe-mah-toe thing. Anyway, I’m all squared away. Ha! Hm, now I’m wondering, will this flower make it into your wedding arrangements. ;)

    1. Ha, it does make sense! I think J was pronouncing them wrong, too, which I can’t fault him for considering I sent him on a wild goose chase looking for them before I accidentally stumbled on a florist that sold them myself. You can blame it on how rare they are! :) And I WISH I could have a bouquet of them, but sadly I don’t think our wedding is going to be anywhere near their “in” season. We’re looking at September of next year. xo

    1. It’s a great book! It’s easy to get through, too, in case you need a good beach (or sofa!) read. xo

  7. I spent $20 on peonies (didn’t check the price tag WHOOPS) at the bodega recently and spent the entire weekend poking my boyfriend going “No, but have you SEEN these?! LOOK AT THEM THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!”

    And then they died. But the three days of pure joy? Totally worth it.

    1. Hahaha, Lila, this comment actually made me lol when I read it. That’s how much mine were, too! But it’s been 5 days and they are still looking as fresh as the day I bought them. The florist told me to trim the ends every day and drop an ice cube into the water, and I’ve been following her instructions to a t! So far, not even as much as a droop in sight! xo

      1. Ooh, nice! I’ll have to try that next time. I spend enough time with my face buried in the blossoms when they’re around, the six extra seconds it’d take to, you know, actually keep them alive would be well worth it.

  8. Oh I can only imagine how gorgeous they smell. I’ve tried growing peonies from my mom’s garden for the past 3 years on my sad, it never works.

    1. They are really, surprisingly fragrant! Don’t beat yourself up over not being able to grow them, they are apparently suuuper temperamental (as you can see from Christine & Lauren’s comments above!). xo

  9. I love peonies but I am always disappointed when they open as I think they’re prettier in those lovely tight buds. I think they look a bit messy! Having said that I loved them at our wedding.

    1. Oooh, I disagree! I love them when they open, there’s just so many petals and they’re all so lush and delicate and flow-y. xo

  10. I’m super behind in blog-catching-upping (blatch-up?) and just got to these. Peonies were my wedding bouquet, and I have a special place in my heart (and on my arm, coincidentally, thanks to a tattoo) for them. And the smell- I KNOW! I open my wedding box and it still smells like those bad boys. Lush!

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