SO. Remember that time I stalked met Gary Oldman? Wait, side-note: no, I will never ever stop talking about meeting Gary Oldman because it was the most ridiculous and amazing thing that I’ve ever orchestrated has ever happened to me and I will pimp that ish until the day I die. Do you want to see the picture of us together? Thought you’d never ask!


Omfg his bow-tie. I just wanna love you, Gary Oldman!

Moving on.

He was in town filming a movie with Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfuss, and Miley Cyrus’s on-again-off-again fiancé. That movie, titled “Paranoia,” officially has a trailer. Let’s watch, shall we?

There are lots of things to talk about. One, he has a British accent in the movie, but it’s a more affected version of his normal British accent. It’s like an American playing a southerner, only classier and more fabulous because it’s Gary Oldman being more British. Second, I watched the trailer approximately 30 times today alone and every time I tell myself I’m going to pay attention to the plot and I invariably end up drooling over Gary Oldman instead. But from what I can gather it’s like “Air Force One” only instead of the Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman playing the President and a Russian terrorist, respectively, they’re playing rival business tycoons using Miley Cyrus Guy as bait? And Sawyer from “Lost” is in it, and there are a lot of shots of Philly in the trailer, as well. So basically I have no idea what’s happening other than GARY OLDMAN IS FANTASTIC. I’m not going to bother seeing it in the theater when it comes out, though….

…..Just kidding, of course I’m going to!




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24 thoughts on “Paranoia

  1. He looks really good! And by he, I mean Gary Oldman of course. And did whatever-Hemsworth really say “refining my skills”???

    1. Haha, he does, doesn’t he?? And I don’t even know, Hemsworth was kind of a blur for me. xo

  2. i think this movie looks pretty darn good. being the only girl in my house for the last 15 years i get pretty excited when an “action” movie comes out that doesn’t look dumb. and this one seems to have some suspense which i do quite like. where is sawyer? i didn’t see him. that ipad part made me giggle and i really wish gary oldman would wear a bow tie all the time, he should put that in his contracts. but i guess he wouldn’t come off very sinister. you are lucky he was wearing a bow tie when you met him. …or did you plan it that way?

    1. I’m pretty excited about this movie, too, but obviously for other reasons ;) And I thought that the FBI agent who appears on the security camera was Sawyer? Maybe I’m mistaken. My brain was otherwise preoccupied while watching, as you can tell. His bow tie makes me wanna just snuggle him to bits, so I agree, it’s not exactly the most menacing. Then again, I loved him even in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when he was all skinny and dirty, and even in True Romance when he had dreadlocks and one eye. So, yeah. xo

  3. I was hoping that adorable bow tie would make an appearance in the movie (1 minute 19 seconds in?). It’s really too bad he couldn’t wear his specs in the movie because they look so good on him. He’s one of those older gentlemen that I can get down with and admit he’s hot, even for a man over 50!

    Also – your post of Gary in Paris was one of the first posts of yours that I saw. I think it was the reason I fell in love with you <3

    1. I think he might be wearing them in the movie, because he came out of the set wearing them, and it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing he would put on just to go back to his trailer. A girl can dream! I guess we’ll find out on August 16th!

      PS. That just made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. You absolute darling. The feeling is entirely mutual. xo

  4. Swoon…I love a British accent on a guy or anyone for that matter. Wish I could talk like that, unfortunately I have a much different kind of accent. Not sure if I want to watch that movie though, first I have to watch Monsters University and it comes in 3D. Take that GO ;) Mike Wazowski here I come…Btw when I saw the headline of this post and the photo of you and GO I thought of something different than his new movie title…xx

    1. Yeah, British accents are pretty fantastic, aren’t they? I could listen all day to someone talking, my cousins in England find it so weird. I still want to see Monsters U, too! I still have to wait 2 months for this movie to come out, so I think I have time, haha. xoxo

      1. Monsters University was released 20 June in Singapore, and I went to watch it with my friend about a day after you posted that comment…

  5. I forgot to tell you that I read your ‘Gary Oldman’ post a few months ago when I was sick at home and it made me so smile so much that I instantly felt better…. and may or may not have a little crush on Gary Oldman myself now. I’m not entirely sure what the movie is about either but I’ll watch anything with a Hemsworth (and now Gary Oldman) in it!

    1. That makes me feel so special, thank you Meghan! I’m sorry you were sick, but I am happy that Gary could lift your spirits a bit. But you just back off mah man, okay? I like you, I don’t want to have to hate you instead ;) xoxo

  6. I just love the Gary Oldman posts, film looks good, I am into those sort of films lately (as opposed to my old pre baby self when I had time to enjoy art house and all sort of indie international movie making).

    1. Haha, I’m still in the art house film stage, for now, but I will absolutely make an exception for Mr. GO. Though I do see plenty of non-artsy movies, too, come to think of it. xo

  7. Confession time: I have a crush on Alan Rickman. No, it’s not exactly related to your post, except Gary Oldman gets me thinking about Alan Rickman (Colonel Brandon! Loving, endlessly devoted Professor Snape!), and it just occured to me that Alan and Gary likely are buds (British theatre is a small game, right?) and therefore DOUBLE DATE. I think yes.

    My bf and I have been together for six years, and you and Jamal are engaged, so i think both of our relationships are secure enough to handle one double date with men old enough to be our fathers. Yes? Good.

    1. I totally get the Alan Rickman crush. How could you watched Half Blood Prince and not swoon a little bit? Here’s a present for you, OUR TWO CRUSHES TOGETHER:


      1. Somebody was griping on TV Tropes that it was a great pity they didn’t film that scene of Snape and Sirius arguing over the Christmas holidays.

  8. Does he make a cameo in 30 Rock? because I’m not wathcing anything else until I’ve finished it and everyone else seems to have been in it.

    1. Ugh, that show. Will it break your heart to tell you I hate that show? I find everyone on it so obnoxious and all the jokes and humor sooo obvious and lame. Womp womp. And no, he doesn’t make an appearance. Thank god. ;) xo

  9. Hm, looks like an interesting movie. I’m always a bit leery of these suspense movies. I hope against hope that they’re really good, but … I suppose I need to stop measuring them all against Usual Suspects. I have to believe with GO starring in the movie, it has to be good. Right? PS~I love your love for GO. ;)

    1. There’s usually a fair amount of suspension of disbelief when it comes to movies like this, but sign me up! I’m game for whatever they try to sell me, as long as Gary’s in it :) But I’m with you, Usual Suspects cannot be beat. xoxo (and thank you!)

  10. Such is the power of this beautiful man, that when flicking through telly the other night, Banoo actually STOPPED and WATCHED Harry Potter simply because GO was in it. If that doesn’t say something about the dude’s ability to captivate…

    1. Men and women alike are powerless to resist his charms, I tell you. Which Harry Potter was it? He’s at his best in Order of the Phoenix, notwithstanding the part where he dies. Brb, tears. xo

  11. Hey what gives? I get a static screen saying “This video is private”?? Will have to go in search of the trailer, but sounds fascinating! And who can resist an extra-British accent?!

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