Mile 112

Remember last week when I posed the question, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”? How’s this for an answer: Benjamin Hall gave up his day job as an architect and moved to the middle of nowhere Washington to create furniture that “questioned our typical conventions of what these pieces should look like and answered unmet needs to possess pieces that not only inspire the user, but encourage their own reflection and exploration.” I eat rice krispie treats for dinner, this guy is challenging furniture conventions. Note to self: readjust your priorities. Hall says, “I got tired of dreaming of furniture I could afford so instead I started building and experimenting with designs I desired.” Mile112 was born.

He worked out of an isolated cabin (the nearest mile marker read “112”, hence the name) and relied on solar-powered tools to build his first pieces. Now based in Phoenix, Hall makes each piece built to order, with many of his items made with “zero waste.” I love how visually simple yet striking they are, as well as the sleek, industrial feel of all of them. My favorite might be the Bunky Day-to-Night stool. He makes desks, tables, chairs, wine holders, and even a toilet paper holder. Be still my tiny, industrial-loving heart.


mile112_2 mile112_3


This post was not sponsored in any way, I just felt like sharing.

14 thoughts on “Mile 112

  1. Yeah they are both industrial and beautiful. Good work indeed.

    On a side note, there is nothing wrong with eating rice krispie treats for dinner.

  2. I rather like the day to night stool too, so simple. I wonder if he does it in other colours?
    What a clever guy and good on him for just packing up and going with it. x

  3. i was going to share a post on this brand soon as well. i love the table that’s what sealed the deal for me. and i love his story. his furniture has just a NW vibe to me. he may be working from somewhere else now but i think he’s still pretty inspired by these parts.

  4. Annie’s comment made me laugh, because, well yeah. Now I suck. As if I didn’t already know that! And that table? Sold. I like the stool a lot too, but I’m in need of a coffee table. Nice post! Except now I suck.

    1. Lauren,
      I have slowed down quite a bit with developing newer pieces because I recently started construction on a house design, but oddly enough I do have one piece that I have been prototyping. It is a coffee table design. I’d be happy to share you some computer images and sketches if you are seriously looking for a unique coffee table.
      Email me at subject line “fracture coffee table”

      btw – You do not suck! Your 365 project is so inspiring.

  5. chair = love… but then i’m a sucker for leather & metal… kudos for anyone following their heart!

  6. Gasp! industrial + natural wood is my favorite. That table with the magazines would be so perfect for my office – we have magazines piling up around us!

  7. There is nothing quite like a success story to give you a kick up the backside and start following your dreams! And even better when you read about it on a Friday! I love each and every piece you posted – Benjamin’s designs are so unique and clever. That leather/metal chair and that coffee table got an audible gasp from me.

  8. Green, fabulous and inspirational. I am loving that chair. The items may be made with zero waste but they have a lot of sustenance aesthetically.

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