Like It’s 1999

See this bag?


It’s an Alexander Wang Prisma Tote. It’s a normal, everyday tote, right? WRONG. Turn off the lights, and:


IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. Gone are the days of using your cell phone as a flashlight to see in a dark bar, or using candles in a blackout. Just pop out your Prisma Tote and voila, instant light!


I just cannot. It’s on sale from $825 to $578, which is a total steal to be able to walk around like you’re living in a rave. If it dropped another $500 I might consider it, just for the fun I would have turning off the lights everywhere I went and becoming a human glow worm. Would you buy it? Yea or nay.

18 thoughts on “Like It’s 1999

  1. Meh. Novelty stuff like this doesn’t do much for me, and for 600-freaking-dollars, even on sale!? Lordy. But. Concept is super cool, and if you get it, I’m counting on you to get us down the stairs as we stumble around in the dark.

    1. I mean you could always turn on a light. Problem solved and I’m pretty sure it won’t cost anyone $600! I just can’t believe it actually glows in the dark. I didn’t think they still made stuff that did that anymore! xo

  2. For the price, I’m like you and wouldn’t by it unless it dropped drastically in price again. However… that doesn’t mean I can’t admire it from afar and drool all over my keyboard right now. So. fun. I like/want/need this. But then again, I like/want/need anything Alexander Wang.

    1. Me tooooo. I bought a dress from his ‘T by’ line on mega-sale a few months ago, and it’s the most magically flattering and wonderfully fitting dress of all time. Oh, Alexander. xo

  3. I think it should be a clutch as who takes a shopper to a nightclub?
    I was watching 30 Rock last night and they were at the after party and the UV light showed that Lutz was wearing a bra under his shirt to hold his moobs in place. hilarious!

    1. You’ve clearly never partied with me ;) I can’t go anywhere without a sizeable bag. What if I forget to bring something? How do you fit a DSLR in a clutch? Inquiring minds! xo

  4. i think if it dropped another 550 i might consider it but i don’t think i would actually take it out whilst walking alone at night. it should say “hey it’s really dark outside, look its just me and my alexander wang purse.” no, i would be too terrified of advertising a mugging for myself. but i like the shape and the hardware.

    1. That is such an obvious risk that I hadn’t even thought about!! “I’M WALKING THIS WAY WITH MY GIANT BAG!” is not really the message I want to send to potential muggers. Good point, twinsy! They have other bags in the same line with different materials, all the same shape and with the same hardware. None of them but this one glow in the dark, too. xo

  5. I have to admit, it’s a cool concept/idea and the bag itself is nice looking and I love anything Alexander Wang. However, I think I’m going to sit the neon trend out, along with midriff shirts and short-shorts. Man, the 80’s are back in full force! I’m having flashbacks.

    1. Haha, I can say that having been a young kid in the 80s, the neon trend totally worked for me. But I was little. I can see how you could have an aversion to it now! I do have a pair of leg warmers, but they’re dark gray and I only wear them indoors, I promise! xo

  6. Oh this is the perfect purse for all those times when I’m in a completely pitch black room and have to find my purse aka never. But it never hurts to be prepared. Which means that purse better be stuffed to the brim with snacks.

    1. Haha, yeah it’s a total gag, which is why I can’t believe it’s so expensive! I don’t even know where I would store it when it wasn’t in use without blinding myself, haha. And let’s be honest, all my bags are filled with snacks. xo

    1. Hahaha, for me it would be a glow in the dark cell phone. I always think I lost it! xo

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