Summer Basics

It’s not truly¬†summer until the middle of June, but it climbed into the 90s here yesterday and is supposed to be just as hot today, so I’m calling shenanigans. If I need two showers a day just from standing outside, it’s summer. I’m not trying to rush it, because last year and the year before it got into the 110s more than a few times. I hate summer, fyi. I hate the sun, the heat, the painful freeze of air conditioning, the sweat, the mosquitos, all of it. The only thing I like is that it stays light out until at least 8:30 (but it does that in Paris in April, so whatever, Paris wins forever and ever, amen). Without being too much of a downer, here are some basic summer essentials to add to your wardrobe. Good luck, folks. I hope we make it to September without melting.

Bonus: everything is under $100! Well, except for that duffle bag, but only by $16, and you’ll need a good weekender for all those trips to the beach. You will. Not me.


1. Dress / 2. Shirt / 3. Tank / 4. Skirt / 5. Shorts / 6. Hat / 7. Bag / 8. Sunglasses 
9. Sneakers / 10. Duffle / 11. Sandals

10 thoughts on “Summer Basics

  1. Girl, I am all about summer. Love the heat, love the food, HATE the bugs. And I have that Splendid shirt in four different colours. Originality is not my strong suit. Happy Friday!

  2. Well. I’ll take all of this to mean that I won’t be seeing your face in my parts until at least September. If you can’t handle summer in PA, you’ll never survive here. So, October? ;)

    That being said, great dress, great shirt, and I’d love the sandals too but for the heel. XO

  3. i love everything. i would be happy to buy one of each – maybe two of those black dresses because i would probably wear it everyday. the only thing i’d have to eliminate is that skirt. not because i don’t think it’s adorable and it might even make my white look like they had a little color but because it’s white and i have kids and i am clumsy – i’d ruin in about 1 minute tops.

    and i love summer!! i love being hot and miserable. what i hate is being cold. i completely panic in the cold. but i love the long days and the fact that you can go outside all the time and everything is pretty and people hang out and getting snow cones and all that good summery stuff. it’s my fave. it must be our separation at birth that makes us so different on this one. but that’s why you are going to move to paris and i am going to move to the south of france and we can visit each other in our off-seasons ;) xoxo

  4. Well, I’ll take all of it. Thank you very much. I hate summer too, fyi. I just can’t stand being hot. Thank goodness it doesn’t get too hot, or humid, in these parts. I would go mad. As it stands, our home – built in the 1920’s – has no central air or air conditioning, so it’s fans galore up in here, which helps only a little when the temps are high. I have no business complaining as you (and Lauren) have it much worse. So, I’ll just zip it now. I do love the longer days and that everyone seems a little bit more relaxed and live concerts in the park and dinner picnics. See, some positives. Have a wonderful weekend, Erin!

  5. Loving the ensemble, save the glasses. Especially that dress. Simple and gorgeous. Can we swap homes? I could do with some of that heat and sun hopefully, I’m really pissed off with the bloody crap British weather :-(
    Ahem sorry! Rant over x

  6. Your read my mind – these are my summer basic to a T! I had to avert my eyes when you said you hated summer (*shudder*). It hurts my eyes to even repeat that. Mostly because I am so deprived of heat/sun/vitamin D etc here. Up until last week, I was still wearing my winter wool coat.

  7. Tell me about melting – I always forget every year how much I hate Florida due to its sweaty humid muggy summers. None of my clothes look good in Florida summer. Although – I could use some more sandals like those white ones. Contemporary but super practical for the sweat that these months bring. I do hope I make it to September. But most likely it won’t cool off until January. Le sigh. I will just have to come visit PA + NY again!

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