Long Weekend


It’s Memorial Day here on Monday, which means we’re off for a long weekend. I’m one of only five people in the whole office today, and the above cartoon really sums up perfectly how I feel. Every morning when I leave the house, I get a glimpse of my writing office before I go upstairs, and every morning without fail, the urge to play hooky and sit there and write all day is overwhelming. Someone needs to pay me a salary + benefits to sit at home in sweatpants and not do things. At least with the paid holiday on Monday, I can pretend.

What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow morning we’re trekking out to Jamal’s alma mater to check it out as a potential wedding spot. I’ve requested diner breakfast as compensation for getting me out of the house before 9am on a Saturday. Hopefully there will be lots of writing the rest of the weekend. I’m trying to cross off some more post-it milestones. Have a good one, kiddos!

10 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. Oh! You’re going to Callum’s future college! Pick up some admissions materials, will ya? I kid! I kid! Sort of.

    Right now I am doing some of said things (cleaning out my pantry and fridge) in the hopes of more fun things once Neel gets home. Poor Callum has exams starting next week, so he’ll be studying this weekend, but I’m angling for a hike/beach walk, and some of my very own “things.” I have a Sephora gift card to spend, people.

    I want a full report on the future wedding location. We might need to chat.

  2. Oh I feel your pain on that one. It’s not really things that suck, it’s work that sucks.
    We have a bank holiday weekend too but it’s raining and really cold :( but we are off to Sam’s :)

  3. We are having a long weekend in Singapore too, starting today which is Vesak Day. Going to a sale on Sunday to see if I can get some of the dresses I have pinned on Pinterest.

  4. Looks like the wedding is going to have to wait til the next available opening!

  5. kiddos… with one little word you just took me back 20 years to memories of an old school friend! enjoy the diner brekkie… they’re the best aren’t they!?! we’re doing little… it’s f&*king freezing here and i’ve just had to turn the heating on as my fingers were turning blue (ok, slight exaggeration but the heating is on & it is freezing!)…
    i have 2 design deadlines for the end of the weekend, neither of which i’m remotely enthused to do, so i’m sitting on my couch with a sausage sandwich & reading the livingetc which just popped through my door!

  6. i need to check my lottery ticket that i bought a few days ago – if i won i will pay you salary and benefits to stay home and write your book. then i will have a partner in crime to join me in my endless days of wearing leggings ;) (i bought my first lottery ticket in about 2 years a week ago and i got all three of the last numbers right in a row. so i had to buy another ticket of course)

    this weekend (unless i have the winning ticket) i will be working on trying to get everything done. the fab thing starts on the 8th of june and i still have so much to do! have a great weekend twinsy! i am so excited that you are checking out wedding venues!! xoxo

  7. This weekend there is no rest for me – I have back to back weddings. However – I do have Monday off too! Good luck looking at the college today – I really can’t wait to hear about when you find some place you absolutely love! Coming from someone in the industry – see if you can find a venue with a coordinator/planner/event person on site. There are sales people, which I do and who you’ll be meeting with when looking at the space – and there are on-site people which I also do. It helps to have on-site people that actually have a career in events and that do more than just oversee setup. If you can find a venue that you love with a coordinator on-site that will help you with little things like placing your guest book where it needs to go so that you + your bridal party don’t have to, then you’re golden!

  8. Aw, I love that illustration. I hope you had a great weekend including doing plenty of nothing. Well, except writing and checking out the potential wedding venue; Those things don’t suck at all. For obvious reasons, I see you getting married in a library so Jamal’s alma mater sounds really cool. Keep us posted if it’s a contender/winner. How exciting!

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