What do all these images have in common?





Besides from being glamour shots of books stacked into gorgeous fireplaces (and potentially posing a fire hazard if your fireplace is anything like the one in my last apartment, where pieces of brick continuously fell in from the chimney on the roof) these all made my heart skip a beat. Oh! To be surrounded with books to the point that you have no where to stash them but your fireplace! It’s like Carrie Bradshaw, sticking sweaters in her oven, except real and more esoteric.

7 thoughts on “Wowza

  1. Now if I ever have a fireplace my heart will be torn in two! To use the fireplace and sit next to it whilst reading a book or use it is as extra storage for my books? I think I might go for the latter. I love how it looks and I can always use more book storage. Currently I have an overflow that is stacked on the floor between my sofa and desk. It’s starting to get too high. I need a fireplace, stat. xoxo

  2. I’ve been thinking about converting our loft space into a library. Now I need a stone fireplace up there. So perfect.

  3. I feel really torn about this. I love the look. I love having all the books so handy like that, but not having my fireplace available. Hmmmm. No good. Although, after she retired and stopped cooking, my grandmother kept crackers in the stove, so there you are.

  4. Yep, this is pretty much heaven to me. We actually have a fireplace in our bedroom that I’m not even sure works. Even if does, we don’t plan on burning a fire in there. Sooo, it would make the perfect candidate. Hm, you’ve got me thinking.

  5. Oh, books and fireplaces what a great combination! If you need to start a fire you already have some paper handy. Just kidding! This is something I could do with the one we have in our dining room, as it it became purely decorative after the previous owners of our house razed the chimney, which now terminates in the attic. Right now the fireplace is a catch all for random things, like my mini disco ball collection.

  6. A new way to make the fireplace a focal point! Thanks for the heads up about the glitch Erin (think I worked it out…I think)

  7. I’m one of those who used every single nook and cranny in the house for book storage so I really get these pictures. At the same time, the practical side of me shrieks in the horror of imagining how to keep it all clean and dusted

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