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Last month, I was delighted to participate in a little snail-mail initiative organized by Theresa of Inspiration Cooperative and Joy of Frock Files. Many of you joined in as well, so you’ll have to forgive me if this seems redundant, but the purpose of the project was to send someone an inspirational quote in the mail, something that spoke to you, and something that you dolled up with a little creativity. Theresa and Joy assigned secret recipients to everyone involved (and there were a lot of us!), and that’s when the fun began. Once I got over the debilitating paralysis of trying to pick a meaningful quote out of the thousands out there, that is. I eventually settled on a quote from “The Phantom Tollbooth” and then it was off to Paper Source for stamps and paper and lots of other wonderful goodies. I had a whale of time painting again after years of not using my tiny watercolor set, and I was thrilled beyond belief that Christie of Bedsigdesign liked the finished product!

Part of the joy of this little assignment was the anticipation of receiving one in the mail, trying to guess who your mystery Project Postal buddy would be and, of course, having something beautiful handmade specifically for you. Imagine my delight (and piercing squeals) when I opened my mailbox over the weekend and discovered an envelope addressed to “Mademoiselle Erin.” My Project Postal came all the way from France, by way of the incredibly talented Mills of Heron + Hibou. There were three quotes tucked away inside of some of the most gorgeous and thoughtful packaging, and while this may come as a shock to some of you, I am a humongous Francophile (YOU DON’T SAY!) so this was like Christmas had come early.



“To be Parisian, it is not to have been born in Paris, it is to be reborn there.”


“But Paris is a veritable ocean. Throw in a probe, you will never know the depth.”


“It is towards the sea that the river remains faithful to its source.”

IT’S LIKE SHE KNOWS ME. I just can’t get over how beautiful all these quotes were, and how thoughtfully Mills arranged them. And can we just for a moment talk about her handwriting? I feel horrible in hindsight sending Christie my chicken-scratched note that I included with the piece. I can’t wait to frame all of these and hang them above my desk. Mills, thank you thank you thank you. And to Theresa and Joy: a big round of applause for coming up with this idea and for organizing it so stealthily! We should do this every year.

10 thoughts on “Project Postal

  1. These are so pretty! You were so lucky to be paired with her so that you could have these beautiful little quotes that traveled all the way from France! I can completely relate to the first quote, because I feel like I am a Parisian at heart. Can’t wait for you to frame these!

  2. twinsy lucky duck! that handwriting, love! those quotes are so perfect for you, but my favorite is definitely the first. i still need to take a photo of mine. sometimes it’s the most simple things i seem to be the most forgetful with. xoxo

  3. Wasn’t this a great project? I know Theresa said she didn’t hand pick recipients, but I’m not so sure! ;) The first quote is my favorite, but I like the third image the best. I loved doing this, only partly because it made me actually FOLLOW THROUGH on something! You got a great package there, sweetie!

  4. Aww perfect for you, especially the first quote. Love Mill’s handwriting, you must now go show your French teacher your little parcel, she’ll be very proud.
    Such a great exercise, gonna go and see the one you created now x

  5. Ah I didn’t realise you were in that too. How lovely! I can’t see yours on the other lady’s website or am I being thick? Missed you! And read your twitter! x

    1. Annie, if you go to Instagram and search under the hashtag, #ProjectPostal, you can see everyone’s creations in one place. It’s pretty neat.

  6. Oops, I think Lauren is on to me. ;) Mills did this project proud and made you one happy Francophile! Each quote is absolutely perfect and full of depth. Seeing you so happy makes me happy, you know that, right? I feel like I should send Mills a thank you note. Which reminds me, I still don’t know Mills’ last name. She sent her information to me as simply “Mills.” Thank you to you and everyone else who participated in this fun project and made it a great success. xo

  7. This project was super fun and it was so nice getting something in the mail that was special and not just another flyer asking you to sign up for so-and-so cable service. And those quotes were perfect for you

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