Paris Flower Markets



I found these photos in my Paris 2013 folder last night while cleaning up ┬ámy computer. They apparently didn’t make the cut for my recap of vacation photos after we got back from Paris in March, but I think they’ll do just fine for a grey day like today. These were taken in the rain on Rue Cler on our very first day there. Oh, how I would love to have ubiquitous flower markets on every corner in my own city. Parisians really know how to live. Inexpensive, readily available flowers, wine, and cheese on every street. A rainy day in Paris even beats a rainy day here. But that doesn’t surprise anyone, now does it?

What are you up to this weekend, kiddos? My brother’s birthday is Sunday so we’re getting together to celebrate. My cold is abating (yay!) so I’m hoping I have a productive weekend of writing, as well.

12 thoughts on “Paris Flower Markets

  1. their flower displays always look so utterly gorgeous, don’t they! this weekend i’m hoping to spend some qt with the boyfriend as, despite the fact we just spent two weeks ‘together’ o/s, we barely saw eachother due to family & friend catch-ups!!! go figure! happy weekend to you, JAMAL (because it has to be written in caps) & the spazmeister (fitz)…

    1. JAMAL does have to be written in caps!
      Erin, tell us please how JAMAL feels about being called JAMAL? Does he hate it? x

      1. He actually kind of loves it! He finds is as funny as I do, which is good. If he hated it I’d have to stop calling him JAMAL, but it would be tough. :) xoxo

  2. flowers, wine, and cheese on every street. sounds good to me! Except you forgot the bread. yum.
    Happ bro-birthday!
    I am doing coursework and a wee bit of spring cleaning I think. Time to put the woolly tights away and get the sandals out :)

  3. oooh, those are such gorgeous photos! i love flowers and flower stand and especially those on paris streets. i am glad that you shared these ones :)

    ugh, i so need to clean up my computer. but i haven’t done it for so long i know it’s going to take a few a hours. as for my weekend, i am hoping to take a one-way trip out of crazy town. this week has just been too all over the place. i am hoping to just regroup, refocus, rein all my ideas in and basically just figure some shit out. then hopefully get some stuff done or make a good plan for getting it done. OR i might have a yard sale at my moms house ; ) weather prevailing of course. xoxoxo!!

  4. Gorgeous photos. That’s the second reference to Rue Cler I’ve seen today. I need a Paris primer. I know so little about that stunning city. Who wants to give me one ;)

    Sounds like a lovely weekend, duckie. I’m hoping for one similar to Christine. One-way trip out of crazytown after a helluva week. XO

  5. Aw, makes me want to own a flower shop. I would be my own best customer. ;) Happy birthday to your brother. Doing a little celebrating of life with family seems like a stellar idea given this week’s craziness. I bet you can guess what we’re up to. Add to that, a 90th birthday celebration. 90! We should all be so lucky. Happy weekend, Erin!

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